Compulsory Acquisition

  • Solatium – A win for landowners affected by compulsory acquisitions

    When an interest in land is acquired by a public authority by compulsion, landowners and those entitled to make a claim are also entitled to compensation for the intangible and non-pecuniary disadvantages resulting from the acquisition. That is, depending on the particular circumstances of the claimant, the acquiring authority is required to provide compensation for the inconvenience and disruption caused by the acquisition which cannot be quantified in monetary terms.

  • East-West Acquisitions Made

    The Linking Melbourne Authority has formally acquired more than 100 properties today as part of the East-West Link development.

    The properties were 'gazetted' today which means the ownership of the properties has now transferred to the Linking Melbourne Authority and the compensation process has now commenced. 

    Aitken Partners represents many people affected by these acquisitions, including land owners and businesses, and has a wealth of experience in negotioating compensation under the Land Acquisition and Compensation Act

  • East-West Link Land Acquisition Process Begins

    The Linking Melbourne Authority has issued landowners with the first formal notice in the compulsory acquisition process, the Notice of Intention to Acquire. 

    If you have been issued with a Notice of Intention to Acquire, we strongly urge you seek legal and valuation advice from people familiar with compulsory acquisitions.

    If you would like to discuss your rights and potential claim for compensation, please contact one of our compulsory acquisition lawyers today.

  • Dingley Bypass Contract Awarded

    On Wednesday 23 July 2014, the Minister for Roads, Terry Mulder, announced the tender contract had been awarded to Thiess Pty Ltd.

    The Dingley Bypass is a 6.4 kilometre arterial road which links Warrigal Road and Westall Road.

    While Notices of Acquisition have already been gazetted, it is important that landowners and tenants understand the compulsory acquisition process and their rights to obtain compensation.

  • Green light on the Eastern Section of the East/West Link

    The Victorian Minister for Planning, Matthew Guy, has approved the initial stages of the East-West Link Tunnel. The approval by the Minister opens the door for the start of the Compulsory Acquisition process.

    Aitken Partners believes the first Notices of Intention to Acquire will be sent by the middle of August. This step officially starts the acquisition and compensation process and Aitken Partners already represents several businesses and residents expecting to be affected by the project. 

  • East-West Link Update

    The Linking Melbourne Authority has recently informed landowners that the first step in the compulsory acquisition process, the serving of the Notice of Intention to Acquire, is expected in July/August this year.

    Ensure that your rights are protected and engage a lawyer with experience in the compulsory acquisition of land.

    Contact Peta Olive or Sebastian Greenway to discuss the East-West Link Project today!

  • Compulsory acquisition: the basics from

    The following article was recently published on

    Love your home? Then the words compulsory acquisition will probably make you shudder. But before the panic sets in, let’s take a look at the facts surrounding this mysterious and often frightening process.


  • East-west link home owners may win early compensation

    The Age - July 18, 2013

    Home owners in the path of the planned east-west link may be able to claim compensation before the state government acquires their properties, according to legal advice.

    Any property that is known to be in the pathway of the planned toll road now has a "grey cloud" hanging over it, which immediately opens up a potential avenue for compensation.

    "More than likely you'd be able to get a claim right now, because there's a big grey cloud hanging over these properties," Aitken Partners Anton Dunhill said.

  • East West Link: Please take (at least some of) mine

    Statements attributed to the Premier that, “We will be fair and compassionate in dealing with people who are affected” and “We want to make sure they are properly and fully compensated” are to be applauded. They also lead to scepticism – who exactly are the people affected and what is proper and full compensation?

  • Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project

    In late March 2013, Coliban Water issued a media release which stated that they had been given final approval to proceed with the Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project. The Project plans to replace the existing channel system with a network of pipes through a high pressurised pipeline in the Harcourt area.

    In fact, Coliban Water issued Notices of Intention to Acquire residents' land in July 2012 and acquired the land in early-January when the Notices of Acquisition were gazetted.