Compulsory Acquisition

  • Yan Yean Road Public Acquisition Overlay and Compulsory Acquisition - Update

    After various meetings with land owners, residents and the Nillumbik Shire Council, it appears VicRoads has settled on a modified version of what was known as Option 1, incorporating some suggestions from the Council. We await the detailed plans.

    Our understanding is that we expect a Public Acquisition Overlay to be in place by the end of the year, with the acquisition process to take place at a later date. However, as we discussed at our information evening in July, the decision is open to change and is still our best guess.

  • Yan Yean Road Public Acquisition Overlay and Compulsory Acquisition

    Last night, Andrew Blogg and I, together with Peter Hay (an independent expert property valuer), hosted a meeting at the Plenty Hall in Plenty. We answered community wide queries about the coming Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) and the impact on residents in the area, particularly once the overlay is put in place. We also canvassed the process for the compulsory acquisition of those properties.

  • Public Acquisition Overlays and Compulsory Acquisitions - When do you get legal advice?

    Once the acquisition process commences, an Acquiring Authority usually gives you advance notice of its intention to do so. In our experience, the earlier we are engaged in the process, the better placed you are to make the right choices and ensure you receive full compensation.

    The cost of obtaining advice is usually covered by the Acquiring Authority, which means you are generally not out of pocket for your legal, valuation and other expert advice. We are happy to discuss this with you prior to engaging us to represent you.

  • PAOs and Compulsory Acquisitions - What should a Landowner or Tenant do?

    Both tenants and land owners have rights under the legislation relating to compulsory acquisitions and planning overlays. It is imperative that you engage lawyers and consultants experienced in the compulsory acquisition and planning overlay process to assist you in obtaining appropriate compensation. These processes are covered by unique legislative regimes which do not follow standard property and conveyancing law practices.

  • Public Acquisition Overlays and Compulsory Acquisitions - What does it all mean?

    Many of us would remember the great Australian film The Castle where the hero Darryl Kerrigan successfully took on a big airport corporation trying to compulsorily acquire his land for an extension. At the end of the day, Darryl won the case and the acquisition did not go ahead.
  • Regional Rail Link Compulsory Acquisitions Proceed

    It has been widely reported in the media that the Regional Rail Link acquisition process is now proceeding.
    As part of the compulsory acquisition process a large number of properties were acquired and the acquisition was published in the Government Gazette on 13 April 2011.
    As of 13 April, the authority owns the property and is required to make an offer of compensation within 14 days.
    If your property has been gazetted, you may have either already received a Notice of Acquisition or you will very soon.
  • Compulsory acquisition process hits the bottom line on regional rail link

    The State Government yesterday announced a cost blow-out on the proposed development of the Regional Rail Link.
    While there was a fair amount of political spin in the announcement, it is clear one of the areas hitting hard is that of land acquisition for the rail link.
    Transport Minister Terry Mulder said he expected an extra bill of between $700m and $1.1b to cover the compulsory acquisition of the land required for the project, which will now also take an extra two years to complete.
    Aitken Partners'
  • Regional Rail Link under formal review

    The State Government has announced a formal review into the future of the Regional Rail Link. The Department of Transport website said, in announcing the review: 

    'The State Government is currently looking at the timing, funding and implementation of the Regional Rail Link project. During this time, the Regional Rail Link team is continuing to develop designs for key aspects of the project and is seeking feedback from the community and stakeholders on these designs.'

  • ABC Law Report on Compulsory Acquisition

    The ABC's Law Report has interviewed one of our lawyers, Anton Dunhill, about the process of Compulsory Acquisition and the impending action in Footscray.

    To listen to the audio, please click here.


  • Regional Rail Link : Compulsory Property Acquisitions

    The Department of Transport is currently initiating a project known as the Regional Rail Link.  The project is a new rail line separating regional and metropolitan trains.  In particular, it gives Geelong, Bendigo, and Ballarat trains their own tracks from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station.  The Department has advised that it will oversee the building of up to 50 kilometres of new rail track.  

    During the construction process, some properties will need to be compulsorily acquired.