• Proposed changes to Residential Tenancies Act

    The Andrews Government this week announced changes to the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (Vic) (“Act”)aimed at giving tenants greater powers, information and security in relation to residential renting arrangements.  The changes come as a result of the Government’s review of the Act.

    Some of the proposed changes include:

  • Wills laws and same sex marriage

    The laws relating to Wills treat same sex couples the same as unmarried heterosexual couples, who are called ‘domestic partners’ in the legislation.  

  • Concerns over privatisation of Land Use Victoria

    Rob Bradley spoke to Judy Ann Steed on community radio 3MDR today on behalf of the Law Institute of Victoria on the subject of the proposed privatisation of Land Use Victoria or “LUV” (the Office of Titles).

    He said that the Institute and its members were concerned about

    • Maintaining the integrity of LUV in a privatised system

    • The lack of incentives for a monopoly provider to provide a quality service at a reasonable cost

  • Australia’s business-based 457 visas to be abolished

    The Prime Minister today indicated that the Federal Government will get rid of 457 visas. The purpose for which the subclass 457 visa was initially established was to prevent short term skill shortages in Australia. In more recent years it has been increasingly been used as an avenue to permanent residency in Australia.

  • Who makes the decisions?

    Changes to the Medical Treatment Planning and Decisions Act 2016

    One of the most important questions we deal with when discussing a person’s medical affairs is “who makes the decisions”. The short answer is, you do! But what happens when you cannot make decisions for yourself?

    Current Legislative Framework in Victoria

    The law varies in each state.  This article deals with the Victorian law.  Presently, medical practitioners need a patient’s consent before performing any medical treatment.

  • When Is A Contractor Considered An Employee?

    It is important to know the differences between an employee and a contractor as this will affect your responsibilities, tax and super. If you incorrectly treat your employees as contractors, you risk having to pay penalties and charges.

    For the full text of this article, please go the MSI Global Alliance page » MORE...


  • The Step Children Conundrum

    Families – sometimes you can’t live with them, but you wouldn’t be living without them. As social demographics adjust and non-nuclear families are becoming more and more prevalent, the so-called ‘solutions’ from a legislative standpoint create some interesting outcomes. An important consideration in super death benefit planning is ensuring death benefit proceeds get paid to the desired beneficiary with the least potential chance for a challenge.
    Please see the Melbourne Divorce Network for the full article.
  • Legislation introduced to ease problems with deceased estates

    Administration and Probate and Other Act Amendment (Succession and Related Matters) Bill 2016

    Legislation was introduced into Victorian Parliament yesterday which will address problems that can arise in dealing with a deceased person’s estate and which also introduce updated formulas for distributing assets when a person dies without a will. 

    The amendments:

  • Adverse Possession – former laneways

    Reports in the Preston Leader of Reservoir property owner, Greg Goldenberg gaining title to a discontinued laneway under adverse possession laws demonstrates that successful outcomes are possible despite the need to tiptoe through a legal minefield (click here for the article). 

  • Uber Reaches its Final Destination: Victoria!

    An article for commercial drivers and consumers addressing the myriad of regulatory issues and legal challenges brought about by the ridesharing giant Uber. 

    The Victorian State government has announced plans for draft legislation providing taxi drivers, rideshare drivers and consumers with clarity to reform the multitude of issues that has riddled the industry.