Global House Property Trust – Barkly Place Property Trust

Drew Woods

Singapore and Malaysian investors who purchased unit certificates in the Global House Property Trust and/or Barkly Place Property Trust in Melbourne, Australia are invited to join a group action against the trustee in an effort to recover their capital investments and subsequent losses.

Aitken Partners, based in Melbourne, Australia, represents a number of investors in both the Global House Property Trust and Barkly Place Property Trust who purchased unit certificates from 2006 to 2008 to fund the purchase of student accommodation apartments in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton. Further information about investor’s allegations against the trustee can be provided by us upon registration in the group action.

Aitken Partners, on behalf of investors, has commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria against the trustee of the Global House Property Trust to produce management and financial records of the unit trust and disclose the financial and operational performance of the unit trust to the investors.

A similar action will shortly commence on behalf of investors in the Barkly Place Property Trust. Based on the information provided during these initial proceedings, further actions are likely to be initiated on behalf of investors to attempt to recover their initial capital investment along with any further loss suffered as a result of the trustees management of the unit trusts. 

To register your interest in joining these actions against the trustee of these unit trusts and to receive an information pack, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Full Name;
  • Address;
  • Telephone contact number;
  • Whether you invested in Global House Property Trust or Barkly Place Property Trust;
  • A copy of your unit trust certificate of proof of payment of your investment.

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