Defacto Law

Our team can provide expert advice in relation to all aspect of defacto disputes, including:

  • Parenting arrangements
  • Property settlement
  • Maintenance
  • Superannuation Splitting
  • Binding Financial Agreements

The definition of defacto relationships includes both heterosexual and same sex couples.

The law in relation to property matters is the same for a party to a defacto dispute, as it is to a marriage dispute, for those parties separating after March 2009.    Defacto parties are able to enter into binding financial agreements, both prior to and following separation, to determine the division of assets.   Defacto parties are also able to seek a maintenance order in circumstances where a party is unable to support themselves financially.

Prior to March 2009 each State and Territory implemented a different approach to the division of property.   Property settlement disputes for defacto couples who separated prior to March 2009 will be determined by the relevant State legislation, depending on where you primarily resided.

Parenting disputes in relation to defacto and same sex couples are dealt with in the same manner as children of married couples. 

Our team has expertise in defacto matters, and can provide you with detailed advice as to any property settlement or maintenance claim, or in relation to parenting matters generally.