Injunctions and restraining orders in Family Law

If urgent circumstances arise where your partner has threatened to dissipate assets or deal with jointly owned property, or indeed has done so, our team can assist you in negotiating an appropriate injunction or restraining order with your partner, or we can seek such orders through the Court on an urgent basis.   An injunction or restraining order will prevent a party to a dispute from dealing with an asset, and if necessary can be obtained on an urgent ex parte basis, whereby your partner is not in attendance at the hearing.

In circumstances where for example a property has been transferred to a third party, or has been sold, our team can assist you in having such a transaction reversed through the Court process.

Our team can advise you as to whether you are likely to be successful in obtaining an injunction, and can assist you in the process of obtaining this through litigation.

In parenting matters it may also be necessary for you to seek an injunction or a restraining order to prevent a child being removed unlawfully from the State, or from Australia, and if so, our team is able to seek urgent orders preventing this from occurring.

Should you require any further information regarding injunctions and restraining orders please do not hesitate to contact us.