Multi-party disputes in Family Law

Our team specializes in acting for third parties in the context of family law proceedings. This includes:

  • Companies and trustees of a family company or trust associated with the dispute between the parties;
  • Parents or family members of the parties to a dispute, who may have advanced funds or assets, or jointly own assets associated with the proceedings;
  • Unsecured creditors who may be owed funds by the parties to a dispute;
  • Third parties who have been served with a subpoena in family law proceedings;
  • A trustee in bankruptcy;
  • Grandparents, or other significant persons to a child in relation to parenting matters.

Third parties have significant rights in family matters which include, the right to be joined as a party to the proceedings, the right to seek orders in any litigation proceedings, or to be a party to consent orders or a Financial Agreement.

Our team can advise you in relation to your rights with respect to a third party dispute, and can assist you in any legal proceedings which follow, or in negotiating an outcome to meet your particular needs.