Same Sex and GLBTI Relationships

We are able to provide specialist advice on all aspects of same sex and GLBTI family law related matters.    We understand the issues that are important to the GLBTI community.

In 2008 substantial amendments were made to the Family Law Act 1975, which created equality in the way that property matters were dealt with for GLBTI and same sex couples. The court will now recognise the “future needs” of both parties in determining an appropriate property settlement of same sex couples. 

Parties to a dispute are also able to enter into Binding Financial Agreements to deal with the division of assets prior to cohabitation, during the course of a relationship, or following separation.

Our team can provide advice and assistance in relation to your property settlement including financial agreements; orders for a property settlement through the Courts, and in relation to child support.

In relation to parenting matters, we can provide you with assistance in relation to all aspects of negotiating and establishing parental rights, including negotiating parenting agreements, and with regard to surrogacy and sperm donor agreements.