Financial Planning

Aitken Partners recommends the service of Blue Sky Financial Planning for all your financial planning advice. Please ask for a referral from your Aitken Partners' contact.

Blue Sky Financial Planning

To help you better understand our services and how you can get the most out of them Blue Sky thought you might benefit from an overview of financial planning and the processes that they will undertake with you. It is important that you understand these issues before retaining Blue Sky. These issues will form part of Blue Sky's agreement with you to provide service.

What Is Financial Planning?

"Financial Planning" is the process of providing advice and assistance to clients for the purpose of determining whether and how clients can meet their financial needs and life goals through the proper management of financial resources.

The Financial Planning process typically includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:

  • establishing and defining the client/planner relationship,
  • gathering client data,
  • establishment of client's goals,
  • analysing and evaluating the client's financial status including problem identification,
  • developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives for negotiation with the client,
  • implementing the agreed-upon recommendations, and
  • reviewing and updating the financial plan as required.

A client may be an individual, a family unit or a legal entity.

Financial Planning includes the basic areas of financial position analysis, investment planning (portfolio design and management, superannuation, borrowings, taxation and legal structures), risk management and insurance, retirement planning and estate planning. Education funding, charitable planning and business succession planning may also be covered as required.

The financial planning process can be applied to meet a client's needs on

  • full range of client goals on a comprehensive basis,
  • sub-set of the client's goals on a more limited basis, or
  • specific client goal/need on a specialised basis.

For more information, see Blue Sky Financial Planning.