At Aitken Partners we employ one of the most respected and sought-after teams of litigation lawyers across Melbourne. We boast a multi-disciplinary dispute resolution practice that assists clients from reaching mutually-agreeable outcomes to small disputes to cross-border litigation involving many parties

We can provide representation for child custody disputes, offer qualified consultations for immigration matters and productive, respectful mediations through our divorce attorneys and family law solicitors.

What we have learnt in our time is that all litigation is important to the affected parties and in many cases, there is not a ‘win at all costs’ approach but a desire to reach a commercially acceptable outcome if that is possible. That means managing risk and the legal spend go hand in hand. We are proud of our involvement with our clients in solving disputes through a range of cost-effective legal mechanisms, and we will continue to advise clients in how best to resolve a dispute.

Our focus is always on what is best for our clients, not what is best for us. This means we seek to understand what our clients want as well as what is possible. Some refer to this as commerciality, we think of it as partnering with our clients rather than working for them.

Whether you require relatable and transparent legal services from our team of family and divorce lawyers, or want to arrange an initial consultation with one of our dedicated commercial litigation experts, make sure to contact Aitken Partners today or visit our Williams Street offices.

Litigation Lawyers Melbourne

When in need of an experienced litigation lawyer, Melbourne residents know they cannot go past the firm with close to 100 years of experience. At Aitken Partners we are committed to providing each and every one of our clients with uncompromising legal representation, and delivering compassionate, one-on-one services that set us apart from Australia’s ‘mega’ law firms.

Key personnel in our Commercial Litigation Team include Accredited Specialists in Commercial Litigation, graded arbitrators and accredited mediators.

Our team has a focus on timely, reliable and cost-effective representation during a dispute, whether or not it is ultimately litigated. We operate under the model litigant guidelines because we believe this gets the best results for our clients while maintaining a focus on the costs.

Our approach to disputes has consistently been to invoke one or more of the following techniques as soon as all necessary information has been obtained:

  • informal settlement conferences
  • mediation
  • arbitration
  • independent third-party evaluation
  • appointment of binding single expert.

Members of our team have a successful track record of convening informal settlement conferences and mediations for parties in disputes. We know the importance of adopting a consultative rather than confrontational approach in dealings with all relevant parties.

We are always mindful of the fact that litigation processes are expensive and the longer the matter remains unresolved the greater the costs to the client, whether they be monetary, reputational damage or otherwise. We are also prepared to provide frank advice to clients.

But, when required, we will litigate, and we have experience at all levels of the judiciary from VCAT to the Supreme Court.

Our team also litigates matters effectively interstate and we have also resolved disputes with international issues.

For qualified and comprehensive representation and professional guidance form a firm that understands the needs, voices and values of local clients and communities, look no further than Aitken Partners. To speak with our team of litigation lawyers, Melbourne clients can call +61 3 8600 6000 today.


Litigation is a more combative path to the resolution of a dispute, but sometimes it is a necessary step. When a judge or court is involved, plaintiffs and defendants lose control over the outcome as they present this case to the court for a decision. This may be an expensive process using expert witnesses, extensive discovery and the use of external counsel such as Queen’s Counsel and the like.

If and when litigation is required, our team will draw on its extensive experience to manage the process with an eye to balancing costs and the resources necessary to optimise the prospects of the best possible outcome.