Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Our Dispute Resolution Lawyers’ principal focus is on resolving our clients’ issues quickly and efficiently. We take the time to understand and analyse the issues, to provide informed legal and practical advice and to consult with you in order to adopt the strategy appropriate to achieve the best outcome available.

In doing so, we apply our extensive legal knowledge and our considerable experience in dealing with a diversity of disputes and use our skills in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation across a range of Federal and State courts and tribunals, including industry tribunals.

Dispute Resolution And Mediation Services

Whether it is a partnership or other business dispute, child custody, immigration or visa matter or if you’re in need of a family law solicitor to coordinate a mediation, Aitken Partners is the name you can trust.

Providing the support our clients need

While our goal is to obtain the best result available, our role includes keeping our clients informed and advised and, to achieve this, we communicate regularly with them and remain accessible to them.

We help you find the right dispute resolution lawyer 

Where appropriate, we enlist the expertise of other immigration, divorce, business or family lawyers and specialists throughout the firm and our extensive network of professional advisors in Melbourne, Australia and globally. We can, for instance, find you a lawyer in any one of the largest 100 cities in China.

At Aitken Partners we employ a skilled and dedicated team of divorce attorneys and litigators, as well as immigration consultants to provide effective and personalised legal service to help our clients reach a swift and agreeable outcome.

Talk To A Qualified Dispute Resolution Lawyers

To book a consultation with a team of qualified and compassionate dispute resolution lawyers, Melbourne clients know to turn to the local law firm with almost 100 years of litigation experience. They know to turn to Aitken Partners. Call +61 3 8600 6000.