Alpine Property

Aitken Partners has expertise in areas of law which have their genesis in the Victorian Alps.

Almost all land in the Victorian Alps is owned by the Victorian Government and is leased to the occupier. The Government has established at each resort a Resort Management Board to manage the land on its behalf and to provide services to the alpine communities.

Leases and licences and the legal structures which people use to hold and operate business from them have evolved over time. They are not standard. Not only do they differ from resort to resort, they differ from development to development within each resort.

You need skill, contacts and experience if you are to operate in the Victorian Alps. Aitken Partners Pty Ltd has just that.

Aitken Partners can assist you if you are contemplating any of the following:

  • The sale or purchase of an apartment
  • Development of an apartment complex or ski lodge
  • Negotiating a new lease
  • Financing a development project or the purchase of an apartment
  • Licensing Issues
  • Planning appeals

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