Will Dispute Solicitors

Many individuals often feel that they are able to write their own Wills, without the assistance or advice of a professional legal team or expert. At Aitken Partners we have represented many clients who believes the terms stated in the Will of a recently deceased family member or close friend are not correct or appropriate. 

In many cases such disputes or disagreements arises from the fact that the Will was not properly filled out or the final distribution of wealth and property was not fairly balanced, often because the document was created without any sort of legal assessment.

Our skilled Will dispute solicitors are leaders in their field, walking our clients through each step of the legal process to ensure they are properly and fairly provided for after the passing of a loved one.

We will be able to quickly and accurately assess your eligibility to challenge the conditions of a Will, and provide trusted representation should you have grounds for a dispute.

We are able to provide free no-obligation initial telephone advice on your potential to contest a Will up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Email wills@aitken.com.au now to make an appointment. We also offer a range of flexible billing arrangements suited to your needs.

To learn more about our available services or to speak with one of our Will or estate dispute lawyers, don’t hesitate to call us today on +61 3 8600 6080.

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