Will & Estate Dispute Lawyers

The language surrounding Will and estate law is often complex and dense, with many clauses and exceptions that are often hard to navigate without proper legal guidance or representation.

That is why, when it comes to will and estate disputes or challenges, it is important to hire a team of legal experts who work to represent your interests and rights, helping to ensure you are correctly provided for in the final settlement.

Aitken Partners has a dedicated and experienced Wills & Estates team – including an Accredited Specialist – which can advise and assist in all types of Wills & Estate Disputes. Our staff is comprised of local lawyers, passionate about representing the voices and rights of their clients no matter what the case.

Our Will dispute lawyers provide personalised legal service to each of our clients, working with them to understand what their issues and disagreements are with the Will in question, and what they hope to gain from the process.

We are able to provide free no-obligation initial telephone advice on your potential to contest a Will up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Email wills@aitken.com.au now to make an appointment. We also offer a range of flexible billing arrangements suited to your needs.

To learn more about our available services or to speak with one of our Will or estate dispute lawyers, don’t hesitate to call us today on +61 3 8600 6080.

Our Estates Litigation team is rated by Doyles Guide.

Estates Litigation 2nd Tier 2019