Merger of AMP Limited and AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd

On 30 March 2011, AXA merged with AMP.

AXA ordinary shareholders received 0.73 fully-paid ordinary shares in AMP and $2.5464 cash for each ordinary share they held on 16 March 2011.

AXA also paid a final unfranked dividend of 9.25 cents per ordinary share.

The market value of each AMP share received by AXA shareholders is $5.32.

Are there any tax consequences for me?

There are three consequences:

  • The disposal of your AXA shares may have resulted in a taxable capital gain to be included in your 2010-11 tax return
  • You need to determine the cost base of your new AMP shares
  • You must include the final dividend from AXA in your 2010-11 tax return.

Scrip for scrip rollover may be available to enable you to defer the realization of a taxable capital gain in respect of that part of the transaction involving the receipt of the AMP shares. Rollover relief is not available for the cash component.