Ed Clark
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Ed Clark

Principal Lawyer

Ed Clark is an experienced commercial and property lawyer who has served on the boards of numerous public and private companies and government authorities. He has skills across a wide range of legal areas where expert commercial knowledge, negotiation skills where experience is required, including:

  • Business sales, mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial property development, its sale and acquisition
  • Commercial litigation and arbitration
  • Complex Family Law financial matters.

Ed’s commercial and property skills include experience in dealing with Crown Land. He is an expert in legal issues unique to the Victorian Alpine areas where most of the land is owned by the State Government and managed by resort-based management boards.

He represents both domestic and international clients in all forms of negotiations and disputes. He is a regular visitor to China, Japan and North America because of this work (and skiing).

Recent Experience
  • Advising a Malaysian-based multinational manufacturer & distributor of pesticides, insecticides & fungicides to rural Australia, on its legal due diligence on the company’s Australian operations as part of the process of listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
  • Representing Linear Financial Holdings in its merger with a listed company.
  • Representing a client in northern Australian agricultural land amalgamation and on sale to a Chinese investor, with long term lease back to the client.
  • Acting for the sponsor of Australian based investment trust backed by security tokens to be traded on international cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Providing advice to numerous Chinese companies and their lawyers and advisors on the Australian regulatory environment, listing options, proposed mergers and acquisitions as well as the purchase of commercial properties across many industry and service sectors.
  • Providing advice to the Australian Indian diaspora in relation to litigation, business structures and dealing with governments.
  • Advising insolvency practitioners in relation to matters involving the Family Law Act.
  • Acting for an Owners’ Corporation in complex disputes.
Dedicated Expertise
  • Ed has expert knowledge of Alpine Property both in Australia and overseas with more than 30 years representing developers, resort boards and property owners.
  • Golf - Ed is a keen golfer. Ask him for a game.
  • Skiing – it goes without saying.
  • Footy – Long-time Hawk member and supporter.