Mark Murnane
Mark Murnane

Mark Murnane


  • Areas of Law Compulsory Acquisition

Mark Murnane is a member of Compulsory Acquisition Team, he has a pragmatic approach to the many complex issues around the compulsory acquisition process.

Mark acts on behalf of landowners, businesses and tenants in compulsory acquisition claims and disputes. He enjoys building relationships with his clients to better understand their needs and to represent their interests with acquiring authorities. Mark understands the importance of making his clients aware of all of their rights ensuring that the clients obtain all the compensation to which they are entitled to.

In addition to his Juris Doctor, Mark has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Politics and History.

  • Claims for reinstatement of fences, all weather access tracks, dams and bores, garden beds, sheds, stock crossings and signage;
  • Claims for the reconfiguration of a business’ infrastructure on the land that remains;
  • Claims for loss of rental income where a landowner has suffered the loss of tenancies and/or reductions in rental income by reason of the land acquisition;
  • Claims for business interruption and loss of profits for a business that has relocated to a replacement property;
  • Claims for business extinguishment as a result of the acquisition of the property from which the business operated;
  • Claims for loss of a business owner’s executive time as a result of dealing with the land acquisition claim;
  • Easement acquisitions relating to water pipes and electrical conduits;
  • Claims for reimbursement of legal and professional fees incurred as a result of the land acquisition;
  • Claims for relocating a business to a replacement property including fit out and relocation of the replacement property;
  • Claims for loss of income during construction and temporary occupation periods;
  • Claims for replacement property costs, including reimbursement for stamp duty, conveyancing costs and registration fees.
Dedicated Expertise
    • Mark has 2 years of experience work in the Compulsory Acquisition area.
      • Footy – Mark is a former Fitzroy Lions supporter and now follows the Brisbane Lions.
      • Harness Racing – Mark is now a keen follower and former trainer and driver.
      • Running- Mark enjoys doing fun runs and half marathons.
        • Australian Football League
        • Law Institute of Victoria