The importance of understanding compulsory acquitions law

As a leading legal firm in the areas of Compulsory Acquisition, we disagree with Mr Hardwick’s assertion (in a recent article in the Dandenong Leader – Anxiety over acquisition) that ‘Compensation rights are only triggered once the land is formally reserved under the registration’.

We note there are ways that some clients can make claims for compensation prior to the implementation of a public acquisition overlay. Of course, most lawyers in the area of compulsory acquisition law would agree that the legislation ought be amended to allow for hardship claims to be brought by those who are near, or adjacent to, projects (but not subject to acquisition).

Our experienced team works for claimants throughout Victoria, as well as New South Wales and Tasmania. We work hand in hand with claimants well before the acquisition process, so their rights are protected and fully informed decisions are made before improving their property, varying their business, selling their property, or applying for planning permits.

For more details an the many compulsory acquisition projects on which we have worked, see our Compulosory Acquisition page.