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100 Years of Law

Aitken Partners is proud to celebrate 100 years of providing exceptional legal services to clients throughout Australia. Founded in 1923 by Philip Aitken, Harold Walker and Ford Strachan, our firm has a rich history of delivering high-quality legal solutions to individuals, families, and businesses.

Over the past century, we have built a reputation as one of the country's most trusted and respected law firms, thanks to our commitment to excellence, integrity, and professionalism.

Our History

Aitken 100 Years of Law

David Aitken is the grandfather of Philip Aitken and was part of the Aitken clan that moved from Scotland to Australia in the mid-1880s, creating the pathway for the formation of Aitken Walker & Strachan of which Philip was a founding partner in 1923, having previously been a partner of Whiting & Aitken.

Aitken 100 Years of Law

Philip Aitken was one of the founders of Aitken Walker & Strachan in 1923.

Aitken 100 Years of Law

Robert Davey is the grandson of Philip Aitken. He has been a practicing lawyer with Aitken Partners (prior to 2008, Aitken Walker & Strachan) for more than five decades.

Aitken 100 Years of Law

James Aitken was a lawyer and the uncle of Philip Aitken and was a partner of Whiting & Aitken, which employed Philip.

Aitken 100 Years of Law

James Strachan (fourth from bottom left) was the grandfather of Ford Strachan who was one of the original partners of Aitken Walker & Strachan. He is pictured in the artwork by William Strutt depicting the opening of the first Legislative Council of Victoria.

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