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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

At Aitken Partners, we have a large commercial litigation and dispute resolution practice that assists clients in achieving their desired outcomes, covering all facets of commercial disputes. Our expertise covers disputes arising from commercial property development, shareholder and director disputes, corporate and personal insolvency, intellectual property, employment law, enforcement of securities, contractual disputes and complex debt recovery.

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and that is why our approach to litigation always starts with understanding your business, the background to the dispute and what you are trying to achieve. Once we understand the dispute and our client’s goals, we prepare a well thought out strategy and a clear and concise estimate of the costs involved.

While we are experienced in running contested trials and that is at the heart of what we do, we understand that a desire to “win” is not always the primary motivation. We know the importance of adopting a consultative rather than confrontational approach in dealings with all relevant parties. We work WITH you to reach a commercially acceptable and fair outcome, whether that is by negotiated agreement, alternative dispute resolution or a contested court hearing. We are proud of our involvement with our clients in solving disputes through various cost-effective legal mechanisms, and we will always keep our client’s desired outcomes as our primary focus.

Our focus is always on what is best for our clients, not what is best for us. This means we seek to understand what our clients want and what is possible. Some refer to this as commerciality, we think of it as partnering with our clients rather than working for them.

The Aitken Partners team focuses on giving you the best advice and partnering with you in what can be a challenging situation. We understand the human element of disputes and unlike many law firms, we do not let our egos get in the way of timely and reliable representation.

We are always mindful that litigation processes are expensive, and the longer the matter remains unresolved, the greater the costs to the client, whether monetary, reputational damage or just the stress of being involved in a dispute. We provide frank advice to clients, delivered in a straightforward manner that is easily understood.

While we prefer to avoid court, we will litigate when required and we have experience at all levels of the judiciary, from VCAT to the Supreme Court and in the Federal Courts.

We use modern technology with artificial intelligence for our discovery process, which is more accurate and economical for our clients.

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