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Level 28, 140 William Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia
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Mantra and Philosophy

Legal partners for life is more than just a tagline. For both our private and business clients this means different things. Our philosophy is symbolised by the infinity in our logo, which represents our commitment to providing a complete legal service with a closed loop. This means that we strive to meet all of our clients' legal needs, whether personal or professional, throughout their lifetime, from the beginning stages to the end, and beyond.

We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients and being there as their legal partners throughout their journey. We take the time to understand our clients' unique circumstances, goals, and aspirations, and tailor our legal advice accordingly. We are committed to providing personalised, practical, and strategic advice that helps our clients make informed decisions and achieve their desired outcomes. Our goal is to help our clients live their best life by removing legal complexities, minimising risks and maximizing opportunities.

Business Clients

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive legal services for business clients. From helping startups bring their ideas to life, to supporting established businesses as they grow and evolve, our team of experienced lawyers is dedicated to guiding businesses through every stage of their journey. As a business evolves, we adapt our legal services to their changing needs.

We provide ongoing legal support in areas such as employment law, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and dispute resolution right through to tailored advice and guidance on matters such as corporate governance, succession planning, and asset protection. We also assist businesses in navigating complex legal issues, such as regulatory compliance, tax planning, and international trade.

Private Clients

As a legal firm that has been operating in Victoria for almost a century, we understand the significance of providing comprehensive cradle-to-grave legal services for private clients. From assisting young families with their estate planning, to navigating complex family law matters and handling property transactions, our team of experienced lawyers is committed to guiding individuals through every stage of their lives and offer tailored legal advice to cater for their individual needs and concerns.

Just as a business evolves from being an idea to a flourishing startup and then a mature enterprise, individuals also encounter legal challenges and transitions along their personal journey. We are committed to providing guidance, support, and strategic planning while in turn maintaining confidentiality, building trust and delivering specialised legal services that prioritise our clients' best interests.

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