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Asia Advisory

Australia has one of the strongest and competitive economies in the word and as a result multinational companies and businesses view Australia as a good place to do business.

Asia is an emerging market which includes countries such China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, India and Indonesia, and Australia is emerging as Asia’s influential partner.

Our Asia Desk clients are based in China, South East Asia, the Subcontinent, West Asia and Australia, with advice being given to domestic businesses wanting to trade with China and Asia (both import and export) and to Chinese and Asian businesses and nationals wanting to deal with Australia.

We have lawyers who have studied and practised law in China and Australia (including working as a senior partner at a large Shanghai law firm).

Our Asia Desk team consist of lawyers who speak and write in other Asian languages.

We have developed a network of advisors in China that covers every major city, from the power of Beijing and Shanghai to the mystique of Lhasa. We have access to more than 4000 law firm partners and more than 20,000 lawyers. We have a similar reach across other countries in Asia as well.

We are also regular visitors to China and have provided lectures to numerous bar associations, law firms and Chinese clients on the regulatory requirements of doing business and trade in Australia. Likewise, we do the same in Australia for both Chinese-Australians and Australians.

Doing Business in Australia

The Australian Government welcomes and encourages foreign investments however the screening process by the Government can be long and a difficult process to manoeuvre. The Government has powers to not approve investment proposals that is contrary to the national interest.

Our team regularly advises on all aspects of doing business in Australia that is consistent with the Government’s processes and aligned with the national interest, including:

  • Foreign Investment in Australia – Australia has many laws and policies that govern foreign investment, and in combination, they create a framework in which Foreign nationals will need to operate. Our lawyers are skilled and experienced in guiding clients through the various steps required to either invest in Australia or do business with Australia.
  • Business & Commercial Law – For foreign investors in Australia, the highly regulated corporate environment can be daunting. Our experience with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB), Anti-Dumping Commission and other government bodies means we can anticipate the regulatory requirements and guide our clients through the of buying and running businesses in Australia. At any given time, we are actively engaged in transactional matters such as restructures and mergers & acquisitions, as well as the day-to-day management issues facing our clients in business, such as corporate governance, compliance and customer and supplier contracts and transactions.
  • Property Law – Asian foreigners love property, and acquiring property assets in Australia is always on the radar. Our Property Law Team has a wealth of relevant experience and expertise. It adds real value to clients with insights by offering truly commercial solutions, not just processing and producing documentation.
  • Insolvency – Providing advice to foreign nationals and businesses on insolvency, bankruptcy and reconstruction issues.
  • Migration Services – Aitken Partners offers migration law services focusing on business and skilled migration. As a multi-disciplinary law firm, we can work on migration issues alongside our clients’ employment law, business, tax and property needs. We can assist sponsors and applicants in ensuring compliance with their obligations under the migration law and wider legislative requirements.
  • Litigation – We boast a multi-disciplinary dispute resolution practice that assists clients from resolving small disputes to cross-border litigation involving many parties. We have experience in international arbitration in places such as Singapore, Hong Kong, the USA, and Australia.

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