Property Disputes

Property disputes, planning and compulsory acquisitions are the new battleground between ageing populations trying to retain proprietary wealth and the societal pressures on limited resources in a changing environmental landscape.

Our Property Disputes Team is well experienced to deal professionally and sensibly with acquiring authorities, neighbours, councils and opposing lawyers, but we are always prepared for the good fight and are not afraid to champion our clients when it is in their interests to do so.

In the event of your property being compulsorily acquired the Aitken Partners staff will work to ensure you are fully and appropriately compensated.

Our property dispute lawyers also look at any special value the land may hold for you along with the cost your relocation and other associated expenses, but also what the legislation calls ‘solatium’ – which is for any intangible and non-pecuniary disadvantages you may suffer because of the compulsory acquisition. In the case of a business, we also look at the damage to that business, whether it is a farm or the local milk bar.

At Aitken Partners we work to understand that each of our clients has a deep and personal connection to their case, and often feel a degree of emotional stress when dealing with legal proceedings. Our staff take the time to provide one-on-one services to all clients, helping them to see that their case is being handled professionally and correctly, and assisting in reducing some of the stress they may be experiencing.

Our property disputes lawyers are leading experts in their field and always strive to broaden and deepen their knowledge of property and real estate law, helping them to better deliver a comprehensive representation for clients from the business and private sectors. We provide advice to parties subject to compulsory acquisition as well as those facing planning disputes (whether it is a high-rise development of just an extension), fencing issues, covenants or historic overlay.

Aitken Partners acts for, tenants, land owners and businesses affected by most major projects in Victoria as well as interstate and for many owners affected by minor road widening schemes and public acquisition overlays. We also provide advice for loss on sale for properties affected by acquisitions, easements, POAs and other processes.

Property Dispute Lawyer

When it comes to trusted and supportive representation from a staff of qualified and passionate property dispute lawyers, make sure you turn to Aitken Partners.

We have almost 100 years of litigation experience, standing up for local people and communities across Victoria and throughout Australia to ensure that their voices are heard in the appropriate setting.

Our staff take the time to understand your case in intimate detail, providing our clients with a personalised service that separates us from other, major law firms throughout Melbourne.

We never leave our clients in the dark and are always willing to have honest conversations in the early stages of their legal proceeding to provide a clear and straightforward outline of their standing and options moving forward.

As well as property dispute lawyers, we also employ expert divorce lawyers and attorneys, child custody and family law solicitors, immigration consultants to assist you in visa applications and appeals.

For all consultation enquiries simply call the Aitken Partners offices today on +61 3 8600 6000.