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    Wills and Estates Lawyers Melbourne

    Aitken Partners has one of the premier Wills & Estates practices in Victoria, with a large experienced team recognised by professional bodies and the legal industry as a leader in the field.

    Our Wills & Estates team operates across a number of areas, including:

    • Wills and estate planning (including Enduring Powers of Attorney).
    • Grants of probate and letters of administration.
    • Assisting executors and administrators to administer deceased estates.
    • Contested Wills and estate matters.
    • Guardianship and administration applications for incapacitated persons.

    Our knowledge is unrivalled through working on thousands of matters for leading Australian and Victorian companies and businesses, charities, private companies, family businesses, individuals, local, federal and state government, trustee companies and quasi-government organisations.

    We have close to 100 years of experience, representing clients from across Melbourne and throughout Victoria in a range of legal matters. The Aitken Partners staff have the skill and passion to provide clients from both the business and private sectors with unparalleled representation and legal services, working to understand the needs of each case and the individuals associated with it.

    Our respected estate lawyers help Melbourne clients to find swift and mutually agreeable outcomes to their disputes or settlements. We will save you time and money, ensuring that your Will and estate plans are correct the first time, helping our clients to avoid costly and frustrating corrections and alterations.

    We are often asked to represent clients who have tried to set up their Will themselves, believing they hold a sufficient understanding of the ins and outs of the law to adequately complete the process. Unfortunately, this practice often results in poorly written or illegitimate Wills being created.

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    Thanks to our Wills & Estates lawyers, Melbourne clients can be confident they are setting up a fair, balanced and legally sound document and that their estate is in capable and experienced hands.

    At Aitken Partners we understand that clients are often hesitant to trust an outside party with the management of their estate. That is why our staff take the time to work closely with each of our clients, developing a detailed understanding of their wants and needs, and helping the client to realise that they are working with a compassionate team who care about delivering the very best result for all parties concerned.

    Dealing with the settlement of a Will can be an emotionally taxing and trying time for the family of the deceased, especially if there are issues in the Will that could have been easily avoided with the proper advice from a professional legal team.

    Wills that are found to not be legally binding or appropriate can lead to disagreements, even lawsuits between family and friends, with relationships often irreparably damaged by the lengthy and demanding legal processes that follow.

    At Aitken Partners we understand that the period following the death of a close friend or loved one is unimaginably difficult. That is why we take the time to simply and clearly walk our clients through the process, delivering a personalised and compassionate legal service that will help to make at least one part of that difficult period a little easier to manage.

    Our qualified and experienced Wills & Estates lawyers work to remove any and all doubt or uncertainty from the situation, providing our clients with comprehensively written and legally sound documents that protect their possessions and assets and ensure they are fairly and evenly distributed at the appropriate time.

    When they hire our team of Wills & Estates lawyers Melbourne clients are making an investment in a quality and straightforward outcome and helping to remove the stress and uncertainty that comes from tackling any kind of legal matter alone, without proper or professional guidance and advice.

    Aitken Partners is also the firm that clients throughout Melbourne and across Victoria turn to for trusted representation from a dedicated divorce or family law solicitor. Our local lawyers work for our clients, not their own interests, always working to represent our core values of honesty and integrity.

    To learn more about our range of leading services, or to book a consultation with one of our relatable and skilled Wills & Estate lawyers, simply call Aitken Partners today.

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    Aitken Partners is currently rated as one of the leading Wills & Estates and Estate Litigation law firms by Doyles Guide.

    Comprehensive Representation from the Sought-After Wills & Estates Lawyers

    Avoid the confusion and stress that often comes with trying to correctly interpret and act upon the directions given in a will, and allow the qualified and professional Wills & Estates lawyers at Aitken Partners to provide a personalised and attentive service that will ensure all related matters are resolved completely.

    Call our offices on +61 3 8600 6080

    Meet our Team

    A new level of understanding

    Our team includes lawyers who are either independently rated for their expertise or are accredited specialists in Aged Care & Health, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Corporate/Governance Practice, Corporate Law, Labour and Employment Law, Mergers & Acquisitions Law, Migration Law, Real Property Law, Wealth Management/Succession Planning Practice and Wills & Estates.

    • Eric L

      Susan Ilias and Karen Urquhart have been working on my complex family law case for three years. Yesterday, we finally signed the final parenting orders and I couldn’t be more relieved and excited. The dedication Karen and Susan put into my case was astonishing, and even though they had 50 other matters running at the same time, I always felt like I was their only client. These two truly are the dream team. Susan is incredibly empathetic to the pain and stress this case has caused, and even though she spent most of the three years trying to calm me down she still never hesitated to tell me when something was a ‘bad decision’ and offered her ‘strong advice’ to take a breath and we would deal with it tomorrow. You can’t sneak anything past Karen. She is on top of every filing, every motion, every detail, every copy of an email, everything. I would have been so in the dark if it weren’t for Karen and her constant and clear communication. Susan told me very early on that ‘no one is ever happy with the outcome of a family law case’. That may be true. I may not have got a perfect outcome, but I got the outcome that was perfect for me and my son. The dream team truly are life changers, and worth the investment of time, money and most importantly, trust. Please, if you need family law representation, call Susan… To quote from our first meeting together, “Eric, I’m your armour now”. I truly believe that without Susan and Karen, I would still not have had the incredible outcome I got yesterday. Thank you so much Dream Team, you’ll never know the impact of what you have done.

    • LW

      I was highly impressed with Aitken Partners.  Their advice was well placed, diligent and persistently excellent. They kept me well informed and updated every step of the way.

      My team was more than adequate to handle a very difficult situation and after a long hard journey we reached a satisfactory conclusion with Justice being served.

      Aitken’s are a powerful firm with expert advice and I confidently recommend them. 

    • JS & SW

      We located Lizia Lim via STEP.  From the first moment we made contact and explained the urgency of our estate situation, Lizia immediately came to our aid and provided exceptional advice and support throughout each stage of the process.  Lizia’s technical expertise, attention to detail and personal commitment were outstanding.

      We are truly grateful and highly recommend Lizia for estate litigation matters in Victoria.

    • Jennifer

      Aitken Partners has been my choice of firm for my business for over 6 years now. They have helped me with many aspects of business including; writing employee contracts, franchise agreements, termination of contracts, etc. Sarah Ward and her team are patient, understanding and very thorough.

    • Loren

      Excellent service provided for resolving financial fraud case. Charged under $10K for me to receive over $100K. Highly recommended.

    • Jeremy

      Extremely helpful, used a few firms prior to Aitken. Easy to deal with, prompt replies, very reasonable charges. Would recommend to anyone.

    • Michael

      We have been a client of Aitken Partners for over 10 years and have found the level of service and advice to be of the highest professional standard. We highly recommend the firm.

    • Peter

      I have worked for and have had Aitken Partners work for me for many years and have found their service goes the extra mile, they are not afraid to tackle difficult issues and have a wide depth of knowledge that has assisted me and my clients to some excellent results, I can highly recommend them.

    • Issa

      Thanks Aitken Partners team for helping us with this hard situation of compulsory land acquisition. Very comfortable to deal with Andrew Blogg.

    • Mary

      Aitken Partners is the only family law lawyers I will trust, after having the misfortune of seeking help from other lawyers who without conscience, robbed me blind and did more harm than good for my family law case by doing a really bad job. [They] did a great job getting me almost everything I was seeking for. Very thorough and professional, their tactical approach left myself and my partner impressed that we only recommend them to our friends who need family law help because we know they will be in good competent hands.

    • Richard

      I have had the opportunity to work with several practitioners across the firm and I am always amazed at the way they treat people – I have always left with a plan of action and with them giving me a commercial outcome. Some law firms I have used in 27 years in business, make you feel like they see dollar signs not clients, these people don’t. There is a chap there Andrew Blogg, who is ultra commercial and tells you if he thinks you are wasting your time. Sensible fellow!!

    • Ching

      Robert Bradley and his team have helped my family with a property enquiry couple years ago. They are now helping us with a very complicated property matter (concerning compulsory acquisition, overlay and tenants in common dispute). They have shown a tremendous amount of care and diligence in their advice and approach to our problem, and have made more progress in the last 6 months than a previous law firm (refered by accountant) did the two years prior. We know we’re in good hands, and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

    • Victoria

      When I first contacted Aitken Partners in relation to a family law matter, I was extremely fragile and scared. The two solicitors who worked on my file were professional, empathetic and kind throughout the whole process. They were very patient with me when I was confused or hesitant and never ever made me feel like a dill when I didn’t understand something. Thanks to them both, I have now settled and can get on with my life.

    • Richard

      The first set of family lawyers who treated me like they cared and that I wasn’t just a file… the advice was patient and he took the time to understand my issue.

      Particularly important for me was that I would not be laughed at for my religious beliefs. In every other firm I could sense a smirk when I spoke about it. When I spoke with David he listened and respectfully told me why it wasn’t relevant. He also explained things in a way that made perfect sense. Although my matter is probably a small one he was friendly and courteous and his assistant was efficient and polite.

      I highly appreciate and recommend

    • Michael

      I am writing to thank you and your team, who were involved in the compulsory acquisition of my mother’s property. Like most laypersons I was not aware of the requirements, nor procedures of this type of action by the Government.

      Certainly the work performed in respect to the acquisition was always clearly related to me and any questions were promptly answered. You and your team were always patient and friendly to deal with and were understanding of the fact that I had the death and Probate of my mother’s will to deal with at the same time.

      Thank you for your assistance.

    • David

      ‘Linda Hart was very helpful and gave me the best possible legal advice in the time we met. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone.’

    • Sharon & Ted

      Linda Hart at Aitken Partners was recommended to us by a friend and we weren’t disappointed. She was attentive, very professional and answered all of our questions in a concise and thoughtful manner. She made the process of making our wills straightforward and stress-free. Most importantly, Linda made us feel completely at ease about our decisions.

    • Monika

      My experience with Linda at Aitken Partners has been seamless, from booking meeting times through to signing of the completed will and powers of attorney. Linda helped make the creation of these documents simple and easy, with no stress or complication. Thank you for your professionalism and courtesy that helped put me at ease with what was a daunting task for me.

    • Samantha

      I just want to express my appreciation for the smooth, efficient and professional way you handled the task of Giles’ and my Wills. I am particular grateful that you were empathetic to the fact that we at imminent travel plans at the time, and worked tirelessly with Shona to achieve an expedited completion of tasks, prior to our overseas trip. You were attentive to our particular needs, and this was reflected in all the correspondence between us.

      I plan to work with you again, to develop my mother’s will and medical power of attorney in the near future.

    • Jen Flack

      Your service was exceptional. In a time where I felt completely lost after the passing of my father, you and the team at Aitken Partners were courteous, respectful and professional. You were clear and concise with all information and always kept me in the loop to alleviate any concerns I may have had. Despite me leaving the country my matter was still processed in a timely manner. I would recommend your services to anyone who may be seeking legal advice and thank you dearly for your professionalism and understanding.