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Wills & Estates Lawyers Melbourne

Aitken Partners has one of the premier Wills & Estates practices in Victoria, with a large experienced team recognised by professional bodies and the legal industry as a leader in the field.

Our Wills & Estates team operates across a number of areas, including:

  1. Wills and estate planning (including Enduring Powers of Attorney).
  2. Grants of probate and letters of administration.
  3. Assisting executors and administrators to administer deceased estates.
  4. Contested Wills and estate matters.
  5. Guardianship and administration applications for incapacitated persons.

Our knowledge is unrivalled through working on thousands of matters for leading Australian and Victorian companies and businesses, charities, private companies, family businesses, individuals, local, federal and state government, trustee companies and quasi-government organisations.

We have close to 100 years of experience, representing clients from across Melbourne and throughout Victoria in a range of legal matters. The Aitken Partners staff have the skill and passion to provide clients from both the business and private sectors with unparalleled representation and legal services, working to understand the needs of each case and the individuals associated with it.

Our respected estate lawyers help Melbourne clients to find swift and mutually agreeable outcomes to their disputes or settlements.  We will save you time and money, ensuring that your Will and estate plans are correct the first time, helping our clients to avoid costly and frustrating corrections and alterations.

We are often asked to represent clients who have tried to set up their Will themselves, believing they hold a sufficient understanding of the ins and outs of the law to adequately complete the process. Unfortunately, this practice often results in poorly written or illegitimate Wills being created.

Thanks to our Wills lawyers, Melbourne clients can be confident they are setting up a fair, balanced and legally sound document and that their estate is in capable and experienced hands.

At Aitken Partners we understand that clients are often hesitant to trust an outside party with the management of their estate. That is why our staff take the time to work closely with each of our clients, developing a detailed understanding of their wants and needs, and helping the client to realise that they are working with a compassionate team who care about delivering the very best result for all parties concerned.

Dealing with the settlement of a Will can be an emotionally taxing and trying time for the family of the deceased, especially if there are issues in the Will that could have been easily avoided with the proper advice from a professional legal team.

Wills that are found to not be legally binding or appropriate can lead to disagreements, even lawsuits between family and friends, with relationships often irreparably damaged by the lengthy and demanding legal processes that follow.

At Aitken Partners we understand that the period following the death of a close friend or loved one are unimaginably difficult. That is why we take the time to simply and clearly walk our clients through the process, delivering a personalised and compassionate legal service that will help to make at least one part of that difficult period a little easier to manage.

Our qualified and experienced Wills & Estates lawyers work to remove any and all doubt or uncertainty from the situation, providing our clients with comprehensively written and legally sound documents that protect their possessions and assets and ensure they are fairly and evenly distributed at the appropriate time.

When they hire our team of Wills & Estates lawyers Melbourne clients are making an investment in a quality and straightforward outcome and helping to remove the stress and uncertainty that comes from tackling any kind of legal matter alone, without proper or professional guidance and advice.

Aitken Partners is also the firm that clients throughout Melbourne and across Victoria turn to for trusted representation from a dedicated divorce attorney or family law solicitor. Our local lawyers work for our clients, not their own interests, always working to represent our core values of honesty and integrity.

To learn more about our range of leading services, or to book a consultation with one of our relatable and skilled will and estate lawyers, simply call Aitken Partners today.

Aitken Partners is currently rated as one of the leading
Wills & Estates and Estate Litigation law firms by Doyles Guide. 

Comprehensive Representation from the Sought-After Wills & Estates Lawyers

Avoid the confusion and stress that often comes with trying to correctly interpret and act upon the directions given in a will, and allow the qualified and professional Wills & Estates lawyers at Aitken Partners to provide a personalised and attentive service that will ensure all related matters are resolved completely.

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