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Constantina Demetriou - Special Counsel

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Constantina Demetriou

Special Counsel

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Constantina Demetriou

Areas of Law: Family Law
Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts I Bachelor of Laws I Graduate Diploma Legal Education
Languages: Greek

Constantina is an experienced family lawyer with a focus on children and parenting issues, complex property settlements, spousal maintenance, child support and divorce. She is also an Independent Children's Lawyer (ICL) and has represented the interests of more than 17 children to date.


  • Independent children's lawyer matter navigating parenting orders for a young child whose mother had passed away. Upon the mother passing the father filed an application to spend time with the child in the Federal Circuit Court. The child had only recently been introduced to the father. The child was living with the paternal grandparents. Orders were initially made for therapeutic counselling to introduce the child to the father. Final Orders were made for residence to the paternal grandparents.
  • Complex parenting matter involving an estranged father with a former Ice addiction with a history of self-harm and incarceration seeking to spend time with his 9-year-old son. Following a psychiatric report, a Family Report and a lengthy Trial, an order was made for supervised contact between the child and father at a nominated contact centre.
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