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Deb Andronaco - Special Counsel

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Deb Andronaco

Special Counsel

+61 3 8600 6027
Deb Andronaco

Areas of Law: Owners Corporation Law
Qualifications: Bachelor of Legal Studies I Bachelor of Laws I Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice
Languages: Italian

Deb is an Owners Corporation lawyer with 10 years of experience in dealing with properties covered by Owners Corporations (OC) committees, managers and lot owners. She provides timely advice focused on commercial solutions for the buildings and property being managed by an OC under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Owners Corporation Regulations 2018.


  • Advising on and drafting OC rules.
  • Advising on OC rule breaches.
  • Advising on plans of subdivision boundaries and liability.
  • Drafting licence agreements and leases for use of common property.
  • Advising on amending plan of subdivision.
  • Advising on contract of appointment.
  • Advising on audit of votes at meetings/postal ballot.
  • Appearing in VCAT hearings, mediations and compulsory conferences.
  • Drafting resolutions and postal ballots.
  • Advising on building defects.


  • Participant in Property Council of Australia's 2019 500 Women in Property program.
  • Member of LIV and Strata Community Association (Vic).
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