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Lizia Lim - Principal

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Lizia Lim


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Lizia Lim

Areas of Law: Asia Advisory, Wills and Estates
Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws (Honours) I Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) I Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice I Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates

Lizia Lim is an Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates and a Doyles Guide "Recommended Lawyers" in both Wills & Estates (estate planning) and Estate Litigation.

Her advice covers primarily Victorian laws, but she has experience running litigation in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia as well.


Estate Litigation:

  • Claims for further provision from estates pursuant to Part IV of the Administration and Probate Act 1958, for example:
    • Claims by adult children who have been left out of their parent’s Will.
    • Claims by stepchildren who have been left out of their stepparent’s Will.
    • Claims by spouses or de facto partners for greater provision from their deceased spouse’s estate.
  • Challenges to Will validity, including on the grounds of lack of testamentary capacity and undue influence.
  • Applications to remove executors.
  • Applications to force inactive executors to prove a Will or renounce Probate.
  • Providing independent advice and representation to executors who are in dispute with their co-executors.
  • Making claims for superannuation death benefits and representing parties in the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.
  • Applications for executor's commission.
  • Applications to recover money/assets misappropriated from an estate or a person with a disability by an attorney or a relative.
  • Applications to recover land transferred by a deceased person during their lifetime where the deceased lacked capacity to make the transfer or were unduly influenced.

Recent reported cases:

  • Re Rattle [2018] VSC 249 – Acting for Equity Trustees in an application for Probate of a Will which was signed with only one attesting witness.
  • Re Rattle (No 2); Equity Trustees Ltd v Halstead [2018] VSC 700 – Acting for Equity Trustees in relation to an application regarding the construction of a Will in circumstances where the sole beneficiary of the Will murdered the deceased and the forfeiture rule was applied.
  • Sisson v Wharton & Young [2018] VCC 436 – Representing two adult daughters in a successful Part IV claim for provision from the estate of their late mother.
  • Hall v Hall & Ors [2018] VSC 692 – acting for an independent administrator in relation to a family dispute involving two deceased estates, four family trusts and five family companies, in which a scheme of family arrangement was able to be obtained, equalising the benefits received by the deceased’s three sons.
  • Re Hancock; Rennie v The Whippet Association of Victoria Inc [2016] VSC 496 – successfully defending an application for Probate of a completed solicitor’s Will instruction form signed by the deceased.
  • Ligeti v Ligeti [2016] VSC 448 – successfully defending a Part IV claim for provision by an adult daughter from her father’s estate.

Estate Planning:

  • Preparing Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney (Financial, Medical and Personal).
  • Providing estate planning advice and bespoke solutions, including in large complex estates.
  • Advising in respect of difficult family situations, including blended families, second marriages, disabled beneficiaries, beneficiaries with bankruptcy/family law issues and estranged relatives.
  • Preparing loan agreements to beneficiaries.
  • Advising in relation to minimising risk of future claims against the estate.

Probate and Estate Administration:

  • Acting for executors/administrators in applying for Grants of Representation, including complex applications in relation to informal Wills, unsigned Wills, missing Wills, and copy Wills.
  • Obtaining Victorian reseals of foreign/interstate Grants of Probate.
  • Attending to all aspects of estate administration, including collecting, realising and distributing estate assets, and advice regarding executor’s duties/obligations.
  • Preparing Deeds of Family Arrangement to vary distribution of the estate by consent.
  • Advice in relation to life interests and settled land.
  • Advice in relation to insolvent estates.

VCAT Guardianship:

  • Regularly appearing in VCAT in relation to disputes regarding the financial and personal affairs of a living person who has lost capacity, such as disputes over powers of attorney, financial administration and accommodation/care of the person.

Doyles Leading Estate Litigation Doyles Recommemded Wills & Estates


  • Law Institute of Victoria
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Asian Australian Lawyers Association
  • Victorian Women Lawyers

Committee involvement

  • LIV Succession Law Committee
  • County Court Family Property List Users Group
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Asian Australian Lawyers Association


  • LIV Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates 2014-present
  • Doyles Guide Recommended Lawyer Estate Litigation 2017-2021
  • Doyles Guide Leading Lawyer Estate Litigation 2022
  • Doyles Guide Recommended Lawyer Wills & Estates 2017-2022
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