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Paolo Tatti - Principal

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Paolo Tatti


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Paolo Tatti

Areas of Law: Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Owners Corporation Law
Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws (Honours) I Bachelor of Science (Major: Genetics) I Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice I Certificate IV (Celebrancy)
Languages: Italian

Paolo is an experienced solicitor advocate and regularly appears for his clients in Court. He is a Principal at Aitken Partners, focusing on Litigation and Insolvency.

Having years of experience in all forms of litigation (including commercial disputes, insolvency, crime, defamation and family law to name a few), he is well equipped and prides himself on being able to spot legal issues other lawyers may miss. As examples, he has been involved in advising insolvency practitioners on matters which have included family, criminal and property law issues, as well as complex commercial disputes which have intertwined criminal and family law issues.

Working for many years in small suburban firms, he enjoyed assisting people from all walks of life; from people who were turned away by other lawyers due to their circumstances to corporate clients and professionals including lawyers and insolvency practitioners. Acting for people with diverse backgrounds with varied legal needs, he has appeared and assisted his clients in all State and Federal Courts and Tribunals. He has also assisted people in investigations commenced by regulators, including ASIC and the Fair Work Ombudsman, as well as having administrative decisions made by regulators and other decision makers reviewed.

Recent unreported judgments in which Paolo has appeared which illustrate the diversity of his practice include:

  • HGC Properties Pty Ltd [2019] VSC 202
  • DPP v Moreno [2018] VSC 675
  • Moreno v DPP [2017] VCC 942
  • Phillips & Fulton v Greyhound Racing Victoria [2018] VSC 675
  • Cary & Dalgard [2018] FCCA 2942
  • Abando & Emerton [2018] FCCA 1957
  • Laurel Hotel v Moonee Valley CC [2018] VCAT 995
  • Marafioti v Gonzalez Pty Ltd [2017] FWC 5484; [2018] FWC 2873
  • Yozefovich v AI Insurance Holdings P/L [2017] VCAT 379
  • Yathopoulos & Komine [2013] FCCA 267; [2015] FCCA 687

Paolo has also instructed Counsel in the following unreported judgments:

  • Cronin & Ors v Lee [2019] VSC 509
  • McDermott & Potts (in their capacities as joint and several liquidators of Lonnex Pty Ltd) [2019] VSCA 23
  • Meskovski v DPP [2018] VSCA 293
  • Tucker v State of Victoria [2018] VSC 389; [2019] VSC 420; [2019] 481
  • Barry Plant Holdings v Naked Real Estate [2018] ATMO 151
  • Access Solutions International v Gamet [2018] VCAT 271
  • Access Solutions International v Gamet [2017] VCC 1563
  • EMPRJA Pty Ltd v Red Engine Group Pty Ltd [2017] QSC 675
  • Bagnato v Moreland CC [2016] VCAT 5
  • Bell v Commissioner of Taxation [2012] FCA 1042; [2012] FCAFC 32; [2012] HCATrans 179


  • Leading a large team on a complex insolvency matter which required the application of numerous warrants (some of which were developed on the insolvent’s premises) and court hearings including insolvent trading and unfair preference claims.
  • Advising on all aspect of insolvency, including the PPSR, unfair preference claims, insolvent trading, restructuring and injunctions to restrain dealings with the property as well as warrants to seize property.
  • Acting in complex family law property proceedings which involved issues concerning Capital Gains Tax, whether or not a Trust Deed was executed fraudulently, whether unpaid beneficiary loans in a family trust were a liability and where another party sought to restrain dealings with a property owned by the current wife of the husband where not only was there no evidence of any interest owned by him, but liabilities against the property exceeded the equity.
  • Acting for a liquidator in a multi-million dollar noncommercial transaction/unreasonable director related transaction case which included conducting public examinations and an application for judicial advice.
  • Acting in complex negligence proceedings against medical and legal practitioners.
  • Acting in partnership disputes between legal practitioners.
  • Acting for insolvency practitioners in obtaining urgent injunctions to restrain dealings with property as well as warrants to seize property.
  • Acting and advising with respect to investigations by regulators (including ASIC and the Fair Work Ombudsman).

Paolo sits on the tribunal of Basketball Victoria.

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