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Ralph Davies - Associate

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Ralph Davies


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Ralph Davies

Areas of Law: Litigation, Owners Corporation Law, Property Law, Commercial Law
Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws | Bachelor of Commerce (Major: Supply and Operations Management)

Ralph is a property lawyer who has practiced law in Auckland, New Zealand since 2021, before moving to Australia in 2023. Ralph studied law at the University of Auckland and was born in Namibia.

He has a background in commercial and property law, with dispute resolution experience.

Ralph primarily practices in commercial transactions, and commercial and property disputes, including:

  • The preparation and negotiation of documents relating to the sale and acquisition of businesses, shares, assets and services.
  • Acting in property, commercial and owners corporation disputes.
  • Advising on commercial and property transactions.
  • Advising on Owners Corporations matters.
  • Advising shareholders in respect of shareholder disputes involving oppressive conduct, termination of employment and share valuation issues.
  • Advising employers and employees in employment dispute matters.

Ralph is a member of LIV + Strata Communicate Associate (Vic)

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