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Rob Bradley - Principal Lawyer

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Rob Bradley

Principal Lawyer

+61 3 8600 6002
Rob Bradley

Areas of Law: Property Law
Qualifications: Bachelor of Jurisprudence I Bachelor of Laws

Rob Bradley is a property lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in solving specific, unusual and complex property related matters such as covenant and easement removals, as well as more traditional property and business law advice. In fact, he is Aitken Partners' go-to man on the unusual.

He sits on the Property Committee of the Law Institute of Victoria's Property and Environmental Law section.

Rob's commercial property experience includes working on industrial, commercial and major residential projects where he plays an active role in every step, including financing, acquisition, consolidation or subdivision, development, leasing or sale. Rob also has extensive planning experience representing permit applicants and objectors, both in their negotiations with responsible and referral authorities and before VCAT (and panels).

He works closely with planners and his experience across the spectrum of property and planning issues enables him to think outside the square in terms of traditional legal advice, to help his clients achieve the optimum outcome.

In addition, Rob has given general commercial and business advice to a range of corporations in the manufacturing, retailing and services industries. His practice also includes State taxation issues (land tax and stamp duty), town planning, valuations law, compulsory acquisitions and leasing.


  • Numerous applications to the Supreme Court to vary or remove covenants on Certificates of Title.
  • Having some years ago established the legal framework for a 160 apartment holiday resort based on registered 399 year leases, converting those leases into conventional Titles.
  • Successful in Court of Appeal proceedings in which two buyers claimed to have bought the same $10m property, then acting for the true buyer to complete the purchase, subdivide the site, partially develop it and sell the parcels.
  • Acting for owners of the ‘family farm’ affected by proposed Precinct Structure Plans in their negotiations with and sales to, to developers.
  • Numerous acquisitions, subdivisions and development and sales of business parks.
  • Appearing before VCAT in Owners Corporation disputes and co-owner disputes.
  • Leasing and commercial tenancy advice.


  • RMGC, MCC, MFC, RACV, LIV – Property & Environmental Law Committee, LIV-LUV liaison sub-committee


  • Life member of two Football clubs (one of which still exists!)
  • LIV – Certificate of Service
  • Best Lawyers, Real Property Law (since 2019)

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