Susan Ilias
Susan Ilias Family Lawyer

Susan Ilias

Principal Lawyer

  • Areas of Law Family Law , Divorce , Property , Parenting , Financial Agreements , Child Support , Domestic Violence

Susan Ilias is an experienced family lawyer with significant experience with Intervention Orders and acting as an Independent Children’s Lawyer. She also advises on all aspects of divorce, including financial settlements and parenting arrangements.

Susan has been working as a lawyer for 20 years, 5 of those as a barrister with a focus on Intervention Orders where she appeared in both Magistrates Courts and at Appeals in the County Court. She has also worked as the Family Violence Duty Lawyer at Melbourne Magistrates Court and Heidelberg Magistrates Court.

Her passion is in providing a voice to those that find it hard to be heard, especially in her work as an Independent Children’s Lawyer.

  • Family Violence and Personal Safety Intervention Orders
  • Family Law Property Settlements and Parenting matters
  • Family Law Independent Children’s Lawyer
  • Criminal law matters resulting from breaches of Intervention Orders
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