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Aitken Partners and DSC Lawyers merge

General News: 22 March 2019

Melbourne based law firms Aitken Partners and DSC Lawyers have merged, with DSC Lawyers integrating its practice with Aitken Partners. Previously known as Dalton Sundberg Corr, Bruce Sundberg and Denis Dalton along with their support team will join Aitken Partners in its William Street, Melbourne, from 23 January.

This latest integration, Aitken Partners' second in the 12 months, further strengthens the firm's reach in the SME and private client market

"We have been looking for legal practices over the past year that have a strong fit with out culture and approach to practicing law,Aitken Partners' Managing Partner Andrew Blogg explained. "We found that with John Matthies and Co last year, and we are confident that DSC Lawyers will be equally as successful.

"Both firms have histories dating back to the early part of the 1900s, and both have a focus on client service and of providing quality advice to our clients. There are plenty of law firms looking for new partnerships at the moment, but we believe it is critical to find firms with a cultural fit so that any integration is seamless and is long lasting, from what we have seen so far, and from working alongside DSC Lawyers in the past, we believe this will be the case."

DSC Lawyers commenced practice in its earliest form in the 1930s as a firm started by Ernest Allen, and became Hardham, Dalton & Sundberg in the 1970s before becoming Dalton Sundberg Corr (DSC Lawyers) in 2007.

"Evolution is a part of life for law firms, and while it is sad in some ways to merge with Aitken Partners, it is also quite exciting to become involved with a firm that shares our values in terms of client service and culture,Bruce Sundberg said.

"For us it is only a move of one city block, but for our clients I think it represents a lot more. By joining a larger firm we have the ability to provide more specialised services and to better represent our clients while still offering true value for money.

"We have worked with Aitken Partners in the past, both on the same side of the table and from the other, and I am confident this is a great fit for us."

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