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10 Quick FAQs in Family Law

2013 Budget Update

42% of Australian SMEs believe recession will be avoided in 2009/10

4 Aitken Partners Lawyers Named to 2023 Best Lawyers List

4 New Principal Lawyers for Aitken Partners

60 Minutes 'Child Recovery' Fraught with Danger

8 reasons to see a lawyer to make a valid Will

ABC Law Report on Compulsory Acquisition

Accessing your super

A Current Affair: 'Will Battle'

Adverse Possession Disputes

Adverse Possession - former laneways

Adverse Possession - Getting what you're paying for?

Aged Care not high on the election agenda

Aged Care Shake-Up - employment changes coming your way

Aged Care: When Do You Need To See A Financial Planner?

Aitken Partners advises on record property sale

Aitken Partners and DSC Lawyers merge

Aitken Partners and Matthies merge

Aitken Partners Compulsory Acquisition Update

Aitken Partners covers the Australian Furniture Association

Aitken Partners growing during COVID-19 Crisis with recruitment of Alex Nicol

Aitken Partners helps 20th Man

Aitken Partners Lawyer Named to 2023 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch

Aitken Partners on the move

Aitken Partners principals recognised at Law Institute of Victoria Awards

Aitken Partners promotes internal partner

Aitken Partners team win the 2023 Grand Final of the Victorian Women Lawyer’s Warren Moot

All You Need to Know about Child Support Agreements

Am I entitled to compensation if a tunnel runs under my property?

Annual Leave to be paid upon termination of employment

Annual State Budget Land and Property Tax Announcements

Anti-bullying Quarterly Report Released

ANTSIS Study Expenses

Appeal no longer a right to the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal for Civil Cases

Application for departure from usual costs orders

Application for Judicial Direction - Court Approves Executors' Participation in Litigation

A recent unreported case in the County Court highlights the need to keep business and friendship separate.

Are electronic signatures legally valid in Australia?

Are Family Law property settlements fair or am I going to lose it all?

Armstrong Creek Public Acquisition Overlay Update

ASIC cracks down on Credit Providers : THE NATIONAL CREDIT CODE

Assignment of Commercial Lease

Assistance for bushfire victims

Associate Promotions at Aitken Partners

Attempts to make exposing children to family violence a crime

Aussie Women cricketers win world cup

Australian sanction law

Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Disputes

Australia's business-based 457 visas to be abolished

Australia's divorce rates on the rise

Back to School Issues for Separated Families

Bankruptcy and the Family Court

Bankruptcy Law Reform: Parliament Raises Threshold to $5,000

Bao Ngo Appointed as Aitken Partners Head of Asia Team

Bar raised for directors' duties

Barwon Heads Road Duplication Update

Barwon Heads Road Project Update

Barwon Heads Road Project Update (Nov 2020)

Be Alert... and perhaps a little alarmed!

Be a man about it! Start thinking about your drinking.

Beating the banks

Beaufort Bypass Update

Beneficiary unsuccessful in seeking to institute litigation on behalf of the Estate regarding transactions during the Deceased's lifetime

beyondblue: It's Time to "Talk About It

Break in Case of (Special Resolution) Emergency - Lot Owner Derivative Actions

Budget changes alter Director's responsibilities

Building Business Resilience in a COVID World (Webinar Recording)

Building Insurance - Oh what a tangled web we weave

Bushfire Lessons: Safe custody of legal documents critical

Businesses Claim 'We Didn't Even Shoot The Sheriff' | HCA Holds in Recent Defamation Decision that it Does Not Matter

Business Innovation visas

Business Name Registration Changes

Business Name Registration to go National

Buying residential property at an auction

Bypassing Shepparton Project Update

Can an unrelated member of the household make a family provision claim against a person's estate?

Can I serve a statutory demand on a foreign company?

Can you really be 'Married at First Sight' in Australia?

Can You Reverse a Care Order?

Care for Children and COVID-19

Case Review: "Procedural Failures of Employer render the Dismissal of an Immigrant Employee as Unfair"

Casual Confusion Continues

Casual employment under the Closing the Loopholes legislation

Celebrating 100 Years of Law: 1923-2023

CGT Consequences for an Estate

Challenging the validity of a Will

Changes for Victorian Courts during COVID-19 Crisis

Changes in employment law - what this means for employers

Changes to Employee Share Scheme

Changes to guardianship & administration laws in Victoria

Changes to Intestacy, Ademption and Executors' Commission in Victoria

Changes to Minimum Award Rates

Changes to Powers of Attorney in Victoria

Changes to Statutory Demands and Bankruptcy Notices during COVID-19 crisis

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 1 - Overview

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 2 - Consumer Guarantees

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 3 - Limitation of Liability

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 4 - Remedies for breach of consumer guarantees

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 5 - Specific false and misleading representations

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 6 - Unfair contract terms

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 7 - Mandatory reporting requirements

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 8 - Single national product safety regime

Changes to the Australian Consumer Laws - Part 9 - The ACCC's new range of enforcement power

Changes to the commercial tenancy relief scheme

Changes to the Fair Work Act

Changes to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia - what it means for Trustees in Bankruptcy

Changes to the Fences Act

Changes to the Owners Corporation Act: Part 1

Changes to the Retail Leases Act

Changes to Victorian laws covering Wills

Changes to Victorian laws covering Wills now in operation

Childbirth maintenance - an often overlooked section of the Family Law Act

Child support and child maintenance trusts

Child support - what is the legal amount? What is the correct amount?

Claimants win $2.8m in Supreme Court compulsory acquisition appeal

Closing the stable door in advance: enduring powers explained

Coaching Contracts or Employment? No Easy Answer in Sport - Part 1

Coaching Contracts or Employment? No Easy Answer in Sport - Part 2

Collective bargaining class exemptions in the works for eligible businesses

Commercial v Retail Leases

Commission’s new sexual harassment powers in practice

Common Misconceptions about Divorce

Commonsense and Custody Arrangements during COVID-19 Restrictions

Compulsory acquisition confusion ties up Footscray

Compulsory Acquisition General Advice

Compulsory Acquisition news on 3AW

Compulsory acquisition process hits the bottom line on regional rail link

Compulsory Acquisitions in Dandenong - avoid future concerns

Compulsory Acquisition success for Provans Timber

Compulsory acquisition: the basics from

Compulsory Acquisition Update - North East Link Project

Compulsory Acquisition Update on Yan Yean Road Duplication - Stage 2

Concerns over privatisation of Land Use Victoria

Condition of property on settlement

Conducting your own Due Diligence

Consumer Law Guarantee Reminder

Contesting a Will (Family Provision Claims)

Continuation of family law property settlement proceedings after the death of a party

Cool Campaign for Aussie Icebirds

Co-owners’ Agreements

Co-Parenting during COVID-19

Court authorises Statutory Will to exclude husband where not legally separated

Court finds unsent text message to be a Will

Court rejects adverse action claim in context of restructuring a business and altered roles of employees

Covenant Removal More Difficult

Covenants Affecting Land Titles

COVID-19 and your lease

COVID-19 and your lease - Government's Response

COVID-19: Guidance for Corporate Officers

COVID-19 - Negotiating your Lease Terms

Cross-Border Insolvency highlighted by Edelsten case

Cryptocurrencies - Are they an asset capable of being held on trust?

Cuts to family migration program and social impact on Indian Australians

Daniel Black joins the Best Lawyers' list for Australia

Deadline on Turning casual employees permananent

De Facto Facts

Defending claims brought by David Tweed of Direct Share Purchasing Corporation

Depression and anxiety don't discriminate. Do you?

Different ways to run parenting cases

Dingley Bypass Contract Awarded

Director Identification Numbers fast approaching

DIY Wills Podcast

DNA & Paternity Testing: One Test, Many Implications

Doing Business in Malaysia

Domestic Violence concerns during lockdowns and COVID-19 Crisis

Domestic Violence Increasing During COVID-19 Crisis

Don’t get caught in a loophole! – what to look out for: THREE changes resulting from the closing the loopholes bill

Don't let your relationship breakdown undo your estate planning

Don't sell your land without seeking compulsory acquisition advice first

Don't Take My Assets

Double Duty - the Dangers of Land Development before Nomination

Dowry Law changes need education

Drafting a Will isn't child's play

Duress cancels relationship agreement

Duty on Leases

Duty to act in the best interest of the client

Easements and Covenants

East-West Acquisitions Made

East West Link Contract Signed

East-west link home owners may win early compensation

East West Link Interview on 3AW

East-West Link Land Acquisition Process Begins

East West Link: Please take (at least some of) mine

East-West Link Update

Elder Abuse

Electronically signed Wills in Victoria

Electronically witnessed wills are here to stay - for good?

Electronic signing and witnessing of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Statutory Declarations

Eligibility for an Australian return visa

Employee Liability Overview

Employer blocked from compelling former employees to hand over documents

Employer fined for underpayment

Employers’ positive duties to comply with Sex Discrimination Act

Employment Contracts – Mortgage Brokerages beware!

Employment issues in Essendon doping investigation

Employment Rights in a time of Coronavirus

End Of Year Functions - Advice To Employers

Enforcing a promise of an inheritance - Proprietary estoppel in a Will dispute

Entering into a Binding Financial Agreement in Australia but you're currently overseas

Equal time for parenting

Escaping Violence Payments

Essential safety measures - recoverable outgoings or smoke and mirrors?

Establishing a de facto relationship in Will dispute

Evicted from your own 'Home'

Facebook introduces new Legacy Contact feature

Facing a claim from Mr Tweed's Direct Share Purchasing Corporation

Fair Work Commission update - award changes and pandemic leave

Family and Personal Loans

Family Court & Appalling Behavior

Family Courts operating through COVID lockdown

Family Law and Bankruptcy: What if my former spouse is declared bankrupt?

Family Law arbitration is not always the answer

Family Law Financial Matters and the impact of COVID-19

Family Violence Safety Notices

Family wins compensation from convicted killer

Federal Coalition wants to review The Hague Convention

Federal Government announces results of 2014 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR)

Financial Planning: Dealing with Divorce

Financial Planning for Aged Care

Financial Planning Newsletter - July 2011

Financial Planning: RBA gets ready to push the button for more easing

First Australian Case on the Personal Properties Securities Act 2009 (Cth)

First Home Buyer Incentives

Flood Levy

Flying Under the Radar: What happens to Frequent Flyer Points in a Separation?

Forced to return or are they?

Force Majeure clauses and Frustrated Contracts in a Pandemic

For Employers: Effective Workplace Investigations for Dealing with Employee Misconduct

Friends with Benefits

FWA Orders Employee be Reinstated Despite 'Relatively Serious Misconduct'

Gas Import Jetty and Pipeline Project Update

Gender Dysphoria: The Family Court's approach to cases relating to transgender children

Getting in the Zone - Windfall Gains Tax

Getting the best out of your business with an external audit

Getting the right advice in relation to choice of jurisdiction for multi-jurisdictional family law disputes

Gift cards OK for non-strikers

Government going through the motions in Footscray

Grand Final Eve Public Holiday Confirmed

Green light on the Eastern Section of the East/West Link

Grow Into Retirement

GST changes for new residential properties

Guarantor gets reprieve

Guidelines for attending a Family Court hearing in person

Hall Road & Western Port Highway Upgrade Compulsory Acquisition Update

Hand It Over

Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project

Harmonisation of Work, Health and Safety Laws

Have you heeded the warning? Maintenance is payable to ex partners

Heads of Agreement – Commercial Leasing

Healesville-Koo Wee Rup Road Upgrade Blog Update

Health Check Inc.

He, She or Non-specific

High Court says Wine and Beer are the Same Thing (well, almost . . .)

How do I see a person's will?

How Do They Acquire My Land?

How quickly can I get a property settlement after separating?

How to enforce a judgment debt owed by a trade union

How to handle sexual harassment in the workplace

How will your business be impacted by changes to Australian GST on Low Value Goods?

I am looking at a property which has an owners corporation, what does this mean?

I am separating, what is going to happen to my money?

Ignorance may not be bliss

I just want a divorce - what do I do?

Implications of Morris case on Self-Managed Super Funds and Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Important Things to Know about Binding Financial Agreements

Important Workplace Law Changes

In a Members' Voluntary Winding up, a Shareholder is a Creditor

Income Tax rates post-Carbon Tax

Incorporated Associations access to information about members

Increase in ambulance call-outs fuels fresh family violence concerns

Indemnity out of trust assets for costs of engaging in litigation

Information on the Macarthur-Tarrone Gas Station/Pipeline

Initial Asset Contributions Count

Insane Delusions & Testamentary Capacity

Insolvency Law Update: Not Sure What You Heard, But The Reviews Aren’t All That Bad - Parliamentary Joint Committee (PJC) July 2023 Report on Corporate Insolvency in Australia

Insolvency Law Update: Ousted from Office - A Recent Case Study of Gadsden v MacKinnon (Liquidator), in the matter of Allibi Pty Ltd (in liq) [2023] FCA 647.

Insolvency Law Update: Re Haidi Holdings Pty Ltd [2023] VSC 739 (13 December 2023)

Insolvency Law Update: To Vex Or Not To Vest, That Is The Question

Insurance Exemption for 2-lot subdivisions

International Divorce

Intervention Orders and Family Violence – What does it all actually mean?

IP Update: COVID-19 and Australian IP

IP Update: International trade marks during the COVID-19 Crisis

Is a Video Recording a Valid Will?

Is The Government Eyeing Off Your Castle?

It is a great time to purchase Alpine Property

I've got parenting orders - how do I enforce them?

Judicial Advice - An Important Mechanism for Trustees

Justice for Victim of Elder Abuse

Kookaburra gets 5% of Down Under

Landlord is responsible for repair and maintenance of essential safety measures at their cost

Land owners deserve proper compensation

Land Tax and Windfall Gains Tax - What do the changes to the Sale of Land Act mean?

Land Tax Exemption - Primary Production Land

Land Tax for Filled and Potentially Contaminated Land

Laneway Disputes Not Always Clear Cut

Late Settlement Interest Affects Stamp Duty

Leasing Update During COVID-19 Crisis

Leave to Appeal Refused - Further Application for Judicial Direction Considered Appropriate

Legal Issues for Superannuation Case Study » Ioppolo and Hesford v Conti

Legal Issues for Superannuation Case Study » McIntosh v McIntosh

Legal Issues with the COVID-19 Crisis

Legal tips for Chinese businesspeople in Australia

Legislation introduced to ease problems with deceased estates

Let me Breatheby Colleen Hewett

Lighthouse Project Media Release

Lock Up a Lawyer - ever wanted to?

Long Service Leave Provisions

Lost earnings may be covered during a compulsory acquisition

Lover's $100,000 kiss off: How does this happen

Macarthur-Tarrone Gas Station/Pipeline

Making ends meet

Making Good Provisions – Commercial Leases

Melbourne Airport Rail Link Update

Merger of AMP Limited and AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Ltd

Merry Christmas

Mickleham Road Upgrade - Stage 1

Minimum Pension Payments

More Covenants Varied

MSI Global Alliance awarded Association of the Year 2013

MSI Global Alliance reports strong growth of 12% in 2013

MSI Global Alliance - SME/Business Climate Survey

MSI Global Annual Review

MSI - 'Mobile apps for lawyers and accountants are here to stay'

MSI Quarterly Newsletter

MSI - 'Top law firm that aimed too high crashes down to earth'

Multi-Million Dollar Defamation Action?

Mum's the word?

Mutual duty of trust and confidence

Narre Warren North Road Upgrade Compulsory Acquisition Update

Navigating the Maze of Spousal Maintenance

New acquisition for Aitken Partners

New Changes to Inheritance Law

New de facto laws - no ring, no problem!

New Family Lawyer joins Aitken Partners

New Family Lawyers at Aitken Partners

New guide to workplace flexibility released

New movie highlights the St Kilda Triangle dispute

New Principal for Aitken Partners Family Law Team

New Principal Lawyer for Aitken Partners

New protection for small businesses against unfair contract terms

New Retirement Villages Regulations

New Right to Disconnect Laws

New rules for Fixed Term contracts from 6 December 2023

New team leader for Aitken Partners' Family Law Team

New Vendor Section 32 Statements

No annual estimate received? No Outgoings Payable under Retail Leases

No Employee Advocates for Performance Management Meetings

Non-lapsing Binding Death Benefit Nominations

Non-physical abuse is the most common form of family violence

North East Link Update

North East Link Update - Eastern Freeway Section

North East Link Update - Northern Portal To Southern Section

North East Link Update - Northern Section

North East Link Update (Sep 2020)

Not all is lost in a Compulsory Acquisition

Officer liability under Occupational Health and Safety Legislation

Open for Business: A message to our clients and friends

Options for those experiencing Family Violence during lockdown

Options to Renew - notification by Landlord

Our pro-bono partner - beyondblue

Owners Corporation (2-lot Subdivisions) - Insurance and the Sale of Land Act 1962

Owners Corporation Act: Amendments to classifications of owners corporations

Owners Corporation Certificate for 2-Lot Subdivision

Ownership change at Aitken Partners

PAOs and Compulsory Acquisitions - What should a Landowner or Tenant do?

Parental leave changes - why it’s time for employers to review their policies

Parenting Laws Review - What Are The Problems And What Are The Solutions?

Party to contested probate proceeding ordered to pay costs personally

Personal liability for company taxes

Personal Property Securities regime

Phillip Island Road Upgrade Update

Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name: Anti-trolling changes coming for Australia

PPS Regime reminder

PPSR Registrations: ABN or ACN – why don’t we have both?

Preliminary Discovery - Wadren Pty Ltd v Anor Probuild Constructions (Aust) Pty Ltd & Ors

Pre-Nuptial Agreements - What could go wrong?

Preparing for Separation & Divorce

Priority for Employee Entitlements in Voluntary Administration

Private Investigators a part of the process

Probuild Voluntary Administation starts a harrowing 2022 for the construction industry in Australia

Professional indemnity insurers to be joined in insolvent trading claims

Professionals unsure of how to manage depression and anxiety disorders in the workplace

Promotions at Aitken Partners

Promotions for Family Law and Compulsory Acquisition

Property Development JVs - 'Not One Size Fits All'

Property expansion at Aitken Partners

Property Law Update » September 2020

Property Settlements during COVID-19 Crisis

Property Wars: Is anything missing and if so, what?

Property Wars: Keeping an Eye on Duty

Property War Stories: Check off the plan duty calculations and save

Proposed changes to introduce an income test for the 30% private health insurance rebate

Proposed changes to Residential Tenancies Act

Proposed changes to the Guardianship and Administration Act

Proposed new family violence legislation for NSW: Coercive Control

Proposed Reforms To The Federal Courts

Protection for Home Owners for Domestic Building Works

Protection for Investors

Public Acquisition Overlays and Compulsory Acquisitions - What does it all mean?

Public Acquisition Overlays and Compulsory Acquisitions - When do you get legal advice?

Receiver appointed for Banksia Securities

Recent Guidance on the Practicalities of Mothership Proceedings

Recovery of missing children


Reforms of the NAB and Combatting Financial Abuse in the Family Court

Refunds of Luxury Car Tax : Primary Producers

Regional Rail Link Compulsory Acquisitions Proceed

Regional Rail Link : Compulsory Property Acquisitions

Regional Rail Link Development Update

Regional Rail Link under formal review

Repeal of the 'Carbon Tax'

Restraints of trade in Employment Agreements

Retail v Commercial Leases

Review of Contract before Property Purchase

Review your Estate Planning

Re-Zoning with or without moving the Urban Growth Boundary

Room for improvement on superannuation death benefits

Safeguarding Commercially Sensitive and Confidential Information for Businesses

Same sex marriage - issues for estate planning

Same sex Will dispute

Seminars back at Aitken Partners

Separating the business when you separate

Set-off as a defence to an unfair preference claim

Setting aside a signed Will

Settlement Payment Taxable as ETP

Sexual harassment may not just be a court case

Simultaneous Settlement Explained

SMSF death benefit payment reversed by Court

SMSFs, new ATO penalty regime and family law

Social Networking Responsibilities - You Could be Held Liable for What Others Say

Solatium - A win for landowners affected by compulsory acquisitions

Some of the highlights from the 2011 Federal Budget

Some spousal financial fights are worth the battle

Special Disability Trusts (SDT) - Tax Treatment Issues

Sperm donors may no longer be anonymous

Sponsorship issues in Essendon doping investigation

Spousal Maintenance for an estranged Defacto Partner!

Statutory Will authorised for severely disabled child

Step-By-Step guide to help you leave an abusive relationship

St Kilda Triangle fight is over

Strengthening Bonds: Strategic Co-Parenting Through the Festive Season

Subdividing your lot affected by an Owners Corporation

Suburban Rail Loop East Update

Suburban Rail Loop Update

Suburban Rail Loop Update (Nov 2021)

Successful claim by adult daughter where no provision made in Will

Successful claim for provision by adult son in small estate

Successful declaration of paternity effects distribution on intestacy

Successful Part IV claim by adult stepson; unsuccessful Part IV claim by partner

Superannuation » Binding Death Benefit Nomination declared invalid

Superannuation death benefits

Surge in Separations: Navigating New Beginnings

Surge in 'urgent' Family Court cases as COVID-19 pressures boil over

Surprise calls in Buckley Street Footscray

Surrogacy and Adoption In Australia

Swans issues highlight value of employment contracts

Take control of your affairs in 2012

Tax changes and the 'stimulus' package

Tax implications in BHP Share Buy Back

Tax office amnesty on foreign income declarations

Tax Withholding 2011-2012

Technology solutions to help reduce family violence

Telephone Bundling Scams

Temporary Changes to Australia's Foreign Investment Framework

Tenants in Common versus Joint Tenants

Termination of Commercial Lease

The Benefits of Boarding the Mothership

The benefits of settlement offers in VCAT proceedings

The cricketer and the model: A Hypothetical

The Devil is in the Detail - Owners Corporation Debt Recovery

The difficulty in changing a final children's order

The Drama in Opera

The effect of Capital Gains Tax in Family Law Proceedings

The Great Australia Day Swim

The importance of a Bank Guarantee for your property

The importance of understanding compulsory acquitions law

The latest news from MSI

The Liquidator and the Financier - Who gets the Ferrari?

The 'Magic Pudding' does exist

The millionaire, the daughter and the crossbow (Joss v Joss)

The power of community action groups

The Relux Case and the PPSR

The Renewal of Retail Leases gets more complex

The Step Children Conundrum

The Taxman: "There's one for you, nineteen for me"

The Vaccination Debate for Separated Parents

The Year of the Rat: a great start for business in China

They widened the Road

Things to think about when moving in

Tips for surviving Christmas festivities in the workplace

To caveat or not to caveat

To immunise? Or not to immunise? - when parental responsibility is thrown into light

Triangle Wars- The movie

Triangle Wars the movie - strikes back

Trust Income Streaming

Turn and Face the Strange | Changes to Defamation Law in Victoria

TV Shows are not exempt from regular Workplace Laws

Two new Principals for Aitken Partners

Uber Reaches its Final Destination: Victoria!

Uncertainty cleared on binding death benefit nominations

Understanding Payment in Lieu of Notice: What You Need to Know

Understanding your Financial Risk Profile

Unfair Contract Term or Bad Deal?

Unfair Contract Term Protections Set for Major Overhaul

Unravelling Intertwined Corporate Structures in Family Law

Unsuccessful family provision claim by domestic partner in small estate

Unsuccessful Part IV application to substitute trustees of estate, potential costs consequences for legal representatives

Untying the Knot: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get a Divorce

Upcoming Changes to the Unfair Contract Terms Regime

Update on Healesville- Koo Wee Rup Road Upgrade Project

Update on Royal Commission into Family Violence

Urgent Family Law Applications on the Rise

US Government shutdown and debt ceiling debate

Vale Queen Elizabeth II

Vale Sharmini Subramaniam

Victorian Commercial Tenancy Relief Scheme - Extension Regulations

Victorian Government Considers Significant Probate Fee Hike

Victorian Grant of Representation is a necessary prerequisite to Part IV claim

Victoria Police allows a free pass to flee domestic violence

Voluntary Acquisitions are being considered for the Suburban Rail Loop

Wallan Area Network Improvement Project Update

We're separated: Where do the kids spend Christmas?

Western Outer Ring Main Project Update

West Gate Tunnel landowners owed compensation for works under their property

What are encumbrances and how can they affect my sale?

What are Outgoings in a Commercial Lease?

What are the first steps of selling my property?

What do you do if your land is Compulsorily Acquired?

What happens to frozen embryos in the event of the breakdown of a relationship?

What happens to my superannuation after a Separation or divorce?

What happens to your HECS debt when you separate?

What is a lease Disclosure Statement?

What is a Section 27 Statement?

What is a Vendor Statement?

What is the Contract of Sale?

What lies beneath

What should I be mindful of before buying a property Off-the-Plan?

When and why might the Court remove the executor of a deceased estate?

When can my ex claim against my inheritance?

When can you apply the 'Margin Scheme'?

When Is A Contractor Considered An Employee?

Who can contest a Will in Victoria

Who is going to get your Super when you die?

Who is protected by unfair dismissal laws?

Who Keeps the Family Pet?

Who makes the decisions?

Who owns the family pet when couples separate?

Wills & Estates expansion for Aitken Partners

Wills laws and same sex marriage

Workers' Compensation Entitlements in respect of COVID-19

Workplace stress considered by the Supreme Court

Yan Yean Road Duplication

Yan Yean Road Duplication - compulsory acquisition process

Yan Yean Road Duplication Update

Yan Yean Road Panel Hearing

Yan Yean Road : Property Acquisition

Yan Yean Road Public Acquisition Overlay and Compulsory Acquisition

Yan Yean Road Public Acquisition Overlay and Compulsory Acquisition - Further Update

Yan Yean Road Public Acquisition Overlay and Compulsory Acquisition - Update

Yan Yean Road - Stage 2

Yan Yean Road- Stage 2 Update

Yan Yean Road - the planning process is not always fair

Yan Yean Road Update

Yan Yean Road Upgrade - Stage 2 Update

You can't give what you don't have - Will drafting for those who have a lot but own little

Your Property and the Family Law Act

You've won the lottery what does it mean for family law?

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