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Let me Breatheby Colleen Hewett

General News: 23 March 2019

Our John McKell was recently involved in the establishment of The Rotary initiative charity - Violence Free Families who supported the production of Colleen Hewett's new single "Let me Breathe.

With lyrics such as "You say that you care, as you rant and you rave with your hands in the air
the song, together with the film clip depicting most notable Australian celebrities, is a powerful public awareness campaign highlighting the manner in which family violence does not discriminate and affects everyone in some shape or form.

Regrettably, the artist is informed through her own first-hand experience of family violence at the hands of her second husband, further illustrating the profound and long-lasting effects of power imbalances within a relationship.

You can view the film clip on the link below:

If you or someone close to you is confronting family violence, our family lawyers are able to assist in advising as to the options available.

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