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Yan Yean Road : Property Acquisition

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

VicRoads is currently undertaking a planning study for the possible duplication of Yan Yean Road between Diamond Creek Road and Kurrak Road, Plenty to cater for the substantial growth in the area.

During the construction process, some properties will need to be compulsorily acquired.

Please refer to our compulsory acquisition general advice.

VicRoads are not proceeding with any acquisitions of properties at this stage.  They only have funding to reserve land under the planning scheme which involves the Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO).  An early indication is that any full property acquisitions will be about five years away..

Insofar as the PAO is concerned, VicRoads are still in the process of completing the planning study which will then be implemented on completion.  After completion, there may be a public panel hearing at which stage residents (and their lawyers) will be able to attend and make submissions and submit expert reports.  The assessment of the panel hearing will then be submitted to the Minister for Planning.  This is about a 6-8 week process.  But in any event VicRoads are still in the process of completing the planning study at this stage.

It is possible to seek compensation as a result of a PAO in certain circumstances under the Planning & Environment Act and we would be pleased to provide advice and assistance in this regard should you require.

It is important you understand you rights and obligations during this process, and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Andrew Blogg or Anton Dunhill of this office.  We will endeavour to post further updates as to the progress of the project

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