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West Gate Tunnel landowners owed compensation for works under their property

Compulsory Acquisition: 08 April 2021

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the Victorian newspapers - The Age: Dozens of property owners fight for West Gate Tunnel compensation & The Herald-Sun: Andrews government, homeowners gear up for legal fight over tunnelling plans - about the compensation to landowners whose property values are affected by the West Gate Tunnel.

Aitken Partners is firmly of the view that compensation will be payable to affected landowners despite claims otherwise by the government.

"Aside from even looking at issues such as best use of the land and what impact a tunnel has on that, the legislation states compensation is assessed at the time of acquisition,Aitken Partners Andrew Blogg says. "Several property valuers support the view that the value of the property above a tunnel has been diminished at this time.

"We have several clients already who are and will be pursuing compensation, and we urge all those with land above the tunnels to give us a call to discuss their situation.€

Please call Natalie O'Flynn of our Compulsory Acquisition Team on 03 8600 6046 or to discuss your potential claim.

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