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MSI - 'Mobile apps for lawyers and accountants are here to stay'

General News: 22 March 2019

The launch of the iPhone 4 this week, with long queues of desperate people trying to get their hands on this latest piece of technology, simply highlights the growing dependency that we all place on Smartphone technology. The pace of working life is fast, and we want tools and information on the move that will help us to be more productive and stay in touch.

A quick search will reveal a large number of iPhone apps for lawyers and accountants, and the number of utility and business productivity apps is growing fast.  The market is changing too.  With the BlackBerry dominance currently being eroded by iPhone and Google with its Android platform, BlackBerry will certainly fight back, simply increasing competition, so there can be little doubt that the market - and its sophistication - will just grow and grow.

But whilst we as users can enjoy these developments - and for me the development of the travel apps has been fantastic as the airlines and hotel groups continue to try and outdo each other and thereby improve the offering for their users - it is important that businesses that may not think that they are a natural fit into the app world do not ignore this rapidly developing method of communicating with their stakeholders.

In MSI Global Alliance's field, with the membership comprising high quality mid tier law and accounting firms that can offer a real alternative to the major players, some firms and international groupings are beginning to put a toe in the water.  We feel that a little more than a toe is needed €¦ so it won't be long before we make something of a splash in the law and accounting market apps market€¦ watch this space.

James Mendelssohn (
Chief Executive, MSI Global Alliance

Aitken Partners is a member of the MSI GLobal Alliance - MSI Global Alliance awarded Association of the Year 2013

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