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Surprise calls in Buckley Street Footscray

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

We have received a number of queries this week from residents and business owners in and around Buckley Street in Footscray on the back of the State Government's announcement earlier this week on its plans for the regional rail link. We visited the area yesterday, and it is fair to say the land owners were taken as much by surprise as we were.

It seems about 25 residences and maybe the same numbers of businesses will be affected by acquisitions.

We have a lot of experience as lawyers in the compulsory acquisition process, supplying advice to many landowners during an acquisition. We can help walk you though the process and ensure you get all that you are owed during the process, which may be more than just the property value alone.

Once you receive a notice of acquisition it is important to seek legal advice to get a full handle on your rights, and the government will pay for all reasonable legal costs during the process, which means you will not be out of pocket engaging us as your lawyers.

See reports in The Age and The Herald Sun for some more information.

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