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Public Acquisition Overlays and Compulsory Acquisitions - When do you get legal advice?

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

Once the acquisition process commences, an Acquiring Authority usually gives you advance notice of its intention to do so. In our experience, the earlier we are engaged in the process, the better placed you are to make the right choices and ensure you receive full compensation.

The cost of obtaining advice is usually covered by the Acquiring Authority, which means you are generally not out of pocket for your legal, valuation and other expert advice. We are happy to discuss this with you prior to engaging us to represent you.

Our clients have benefitted by getting us involved in the process as soon as they become aware that a Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) or an acquisition is likely. It is critical that you understand the process and your rights before you try to sell your property or enter into discussions on any level with the Acquiring Authority, including any surveys or 'chatting'.

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