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Compulsory acquisition confusion ties up Footscray

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

Aitken Partners' Managing Partner and lead partner in its compulsory acquisitions team, Andrew Blogg, attended a community meeting in Victoria Street Footscray last Sunday to discuss land owners concerns around acquisition for the proposed regional rail link.

Mr Blogg addressed the meeting and discussed with residents the options open to them. As lawyers who act exclusively for land owners in these disputes, Mr Blogg assured residents they could trust Aitken Partners to represent their best interests on all occasions.

"In an acquisition, the government is obliged to offer you the market value for your property as if the proposed development was not taking place," he said.

"But just was when you go to see real estate agents there is always a range they quote, and surprise, surprise, the government always goes for the lowest value. You do not have to accept their offer, and we work with property valuers to make sure you get fair compensation, including in many cases compensation that is not covered just in the property value.

"In most cases all reasonable costs in determining the level of compensation is met and paid for by the government, meaning the land owner is not out of pocket through the process."

Aitken Partners acts exclusively for land owners in compulsory acquisition disputes with acquiring authorities. With us, you will never be in any doubt for who we are working.

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