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Yan Yean Road Public Acquisition Overlay and Compulsory Acquisition

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

Last night, Andrew Blogg and I, together with Peter Hay (an independent expert property valuer), hosted a meeting at the Plenty Hall in Plenty. We answered community wide queries about the coming Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO) and the impact on residents in the area, particularly once the overlay is put in place. We also canvassed the process for the compulsory acquisition of those properties.

You should call us if you think a PAO does, or will, affect your property. You should immediately contact us if your property is, or is about to be, compulsorily acquired. In reality, if you are reading this blog, then you should contact us to find out more about this area of law.

You should ask us what you need to do and importantly, what you should avoid doing. Often our clients do not need to change their plans but it makes a lot of sense to ask us about the future impact on your property and discuss your individual needs. For instance, once a PAO is in place, there are a number of ways in which you can obtain compensation from the authority, before you sell your property or change your future plans.

You don't have to pay legal fees to pick up the phone and ask us some questions. In any event, in most cases, the acquiring authority meets your necessary legal fees and expenses such as property valuers and other necessary experts.

While it can be helpful to talk to the relevant government bodies and authorities, we strongly encourage you to first talk to one of the select few lawyers who work in this particular area of law. It makes sense to enter any discussion or negotiation with some background on the issues from lawyers who represent your interest. At Aitken Partners, we only represent landowners and tenants.

Feel free to have a read of the other compulsory acquisition blogs on this website and familiarise yourself. However, nothing will be as helpful as a chat with us about your particular situation and your options for the future.

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