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Dowry Law changes need education

Family Law: 23 March 2019

As part of the Victorian Royal Commission into family violence a law has now been proposed to tackle the controversial issue of dowry.

To deal with this issue, it has been suggested that section 6 of the Family Violence Protection Act 2008 (Vic) be amended to "€¦expand statutory examples of family violence to include forced marriage and dowry-related abuse [within 12 months].

It seems that this proposed change to the law has generated discussion within communities from the subcontinent with advocates for and against the proposed changes.

Irrespective of what view you take - the proposed changes have highlighted a serious issue within certain community groups. In the event that the proposed changes are made time and money will need to be spent not only  in educating those who will be enforcing the law but also those who will be affected by it, specifically migrant women. 

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