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Business Law: 18 March 2019

Incorporated Associations & Sports Clubs » Legal Health Check

Incorporated Associations need to remember that their legal requirements override their constitutional requirements, and our experience is that most Incorporated Associations do not stay on top of the legal changes. 

In 2012 a new act called the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 and its associated regulations came into force, and this made a number of changes to the way Incorporated Associations need to be run and how they display themselves to the outside world.

Consumer Affairs Victoria is now clamping down on non-compliant incorporated associations by issuing penalty units for breaches.

Partners has developed a Bi-Annual Health Check for Incorporated Associations that will provide confidence to your association with respect to its legal obligations. As part of this process, we will also advise you of changes to the law between checks to make sure you are not caught out.

Incorporated Associations Bi-Annual Health Check is $250 and covers:

  • bi-annual check to ensure compliance with relevant Acts.
  • Practical general advice to enable and remind committee and board members of their obligations to Consumer Affairs Victoria.
  • Regular updates on the eligibility of government grants and non-government grants that are available.
  • Guidance on Governance.
  • Auditing reminders, general advice and common pitfalls in of which to be aware when collating your annual statement.
  • Advice on the requirements for websites, letterheads and other 'published' material. 
  • General advice including case summaries as they progress on the supply, service and consumption of alcohol, gambling and licensing issues.
  • Advice and policies for:Equal opportunities and discrimination.
  • Food safety and handling
  • Resolving internal board member and other disputes
  • General advice for sporting clubs, including:Access to contract templates for supply of sports equipment, coaching and management, medical support, ground and general maintenance, venue hire, injury and liability waiver forms.
  • Ensuring OHS compliance with emphasis on heat policies, injury and concussion.

Our Not-for-Profit Experience

We have many clients in the not-for-profit sector to whom we provide extensive business advice to in much the same way as we do for our corporate clients. The range of work undertaken crosses the full spectrum of our firm, including:

  • Charitable giving and structuring, including the management of bequests.
  • Corporate governance.
  • DGR and Charity status.
  • Employment law issues.
  • General business and commercial advice.
  • Legal structures.
  • Litigation and dispute resolution.
  • law, including sales, acquisition and leasing.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Tax advice.
  • Trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property.
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