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Promotions for Family Law and Compulsory Acquisition

General News: 25 November 2021

Aitken Partners is pleased to announce promotions for Susan Ilias (Family Law) and Ebony Roach (Compulsory Acquisition) on 1 December 2021.

Aitken Partners is pleased to announce promotions for Susan Ilias and Ebony Roach on 1 December 2021.

Susan Ilias becomes a Principal Lawyer in our Family Law Team. Susan joined the Firm in March last year with fantastic experience as a solicitor, practicing at the Victorian Bar, and being a leading Independent Children's Lawyer.

Dylan Chaplin-Burch, Principal and the head of the Family Law Team, is particularly pleased and proud of the promotion in the team.

"Susan has been an invaluable addition to our team,he said. "Even before her promotion, her leadership, dedication and knowledge of the jurisdiction have been vital to not only the growth of the team, but also in ensuring we are providing high-quality advice and services to our clients.

Ebony Roach, currently a lawyer in our Compulsory Acquisition Team, will be promoted to Associate. Ebony joined the Firm in November 2020 and has impressed with the responsibility and dedication she has displayed in looking after our clients under the guidance of Andrew Blogg (Principal Lawyer), while Natasha Ozolins (Principal Lawyer and the Compulsory Acquisition Team Leader) has been on maternity leave.

Alex Nicol, Co-Managing Principal, was proud to announce this appointment internally ahead of the announcement.

"Ebony's impressive legal knowledge is a key strength, but she also demonstrates initiative and confidence that are beyond her years,he said. "We are excited to announce her promotion and look forward to her continued career progression at Aitken Partners.

The promotions are the first to be made since 1 July 2021 when the ownership of the Firm changed, and lawyers who already held senior positions within the Firm took over the reins.

"While we have certainly experienced challenges along with the rest of Melbourne in dealing with COVID, fortunately, the decision to promote these two outstanding lawyers was easy,Co-Managing Principal Paolo Tatti said. "As we move towards celebrating the Firm's centenary in 2023, promotions such as these are important in recognising the future leaders of the Firm.

See this article in The Guardian Australia for more information on Susan's role as an Independent Children's Lawyer.

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