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Land owners deserve proper compensation

Compulsory Acquisition: 22 March 2019

Aitken Media Release

Melbourne law firm Aitken Partners says land owners affected by the North-South Pipeline should seek urgent advice with regards to value of the land being acquired by the State Government for the pipeline.

The firm's managing partner, Andrew Blogg, says many people accept what is offered because they believe they are powerless in these circumstances.

"It is easy when the State Government comes knocking to see it as the end of the fight in situations like this, but trying to stop the pipeline is only half the battle," he said.

"Now the fight is to make sure land owners are properly compensated, and this can often be about more than just the value of the land.

"We have clients all around Victoria who have had land acquired for roads and major infrastructure projects such as the desalination plant, and many of these have claims that go beyond the estimated land value."

Mr Blogg says there is a process in place to make sure the rights of all Victorians are looked after in the compensation process, and that people losing land need advice to make sure they are fully compensated.

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