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IP Update: International trade marks during the COVID-19 Crisis

Intellectual Property: 02 April 2020

Despite delays associated with COVID-19 worldwide, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is continuing to operate for the international registration of trade marks via the Madrid System e-Services platform.

Our team will continue to provide updates on developments in the different jurisdictions in which operate.

In the meantime, we note the following updates from WIPO in relation to the international registration of trade marks:

  • Extensions may be given where applicants and their representatives have failed to respond to a time limit for communication as a result of COVID-19. Strict time limits still apply, and communication must be received within 5 days of regaining access to communication services and, regardless, within 6 months of the relevant time limit;
  • Requests may be made WIPO to continue processing the international application, subsequent designation, payment or request concerned where various time limits have passed, without giving any reason or providing any evidence. Requests must be made in the relevant official forms within two months from the date of the expired time limit and meet the prescribed requirements.

In such challenging and uncertain times, those seeking to register or currently navigating the international registration of trade marks via the WIPO system will likely require assistance.

Aitken Partners Intellectual Property team is here to assist as you navigate these system. If you need legal help with your international intellectual property, please feel welcome to contact members of our Intellectual Property team:

    • Michael O'Brien - 03 8600 6000
    • Erin Meeking - 03 8600 6078
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