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Care for Children and COVID-19

Family Law: 26 March 2020

As if caring for children wasn't difficult enough when parents separate, now we have COVID-19, schools closed and social distancing & isolation.

The Chief Justice of the Family Court has published general guidelines to help parents in this extraordinarily difficult times.

Statement from the Hon Will Alstergren - Parenting Orders and COVID-19

However, this is general advice and you may need specific advice about your circumstance. Please contact us on 0424 694 124 or email me

We also have am emergency advice line for Family Law issues, this can be reached on 0424 694 124.

Our team is ready to assist you.

Aitken Partners Family Law Team

Aitken Partners Family Law Team: Phoebe, Dylan, Susan, Ed, Jenny, Georgia & Danie.[/caption]

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