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MSI - 'Top law firm that aimed too high crashes down to earth'

General News : 22 March 2019

Before anyone accuses me of writing melodramatic headlines, let me point out that the headline for this blog has been copied directly from the business section of yesterday's edition of The Times.  In fact, it was the lead story in the business section.

The story is about a leading law firm that expanded rapidly in the North of England through a series of mergers, signed a deal to become an anchor tenant at a prestigious new office complex in Manchester at the height of the market ... and from there it all went terribly wrong.  The administrators were called in on Friday.

No doubt much will be written about this particular firm over the days ahead, but the point that I would emphasise is a very simple one.  The majority of the high quality, mid-sized law firms that join MSI Global Alliance ( come to us when they are looking for geographical or technical reach - and want to achieve this without giving up their independence or putting themselves through the emotional and organisational turmoil of a merger.  Too often, they end in tears.

By the way, I was flattered - but perhaps I should not have been surprised - by the reaction to my previous blog about iPhone apps for lawyers and accountants.  There are clearly many professional services firms beginning to realise that they need to face the brave new world of social networking.  But iPhone apps for lawyers and accountants?  Surely a step too far - or at least too soon.

I don't think so.  MSI Global Alliance is nearly there.  Watch this space.  We will let you know what reaction we get to our foray into the iPhone app world.

James Mendelssohn (
Chief Executive, MSI Global Alliance

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