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St Kilda Triangle fight is over

Litigation: 22 March 2019

The fate of the controversial 'St Kilda Triangle' was decided last month following a long legal battle. The St Kilda Triangle divided the local community and eventually became a key issue in City of Port Phillip elections earlier this year which resulted in a several councillors losing their seats and the eventual decision by Council to cancel the project. 

Aitken Partners acted for the community action group unChain St Kilda and its then president, Serge Thomann, in several matters relating to the development.

We commenced a course of action in the Planning List in circumstances where it appeared as if our clients could not do so in light of the removal of third party rights. While that application was ultimately unsuccessful due to the very narrow area of law to which we were confined, it did help to keep the matter in the public's attention and ultimately force change through the processes of Council.

Overall, it is an example of how public interest groups have a voice. In exercising all its available rights, unChain St Kilda was ultimately successful in achieving its goals through the legal and council processes by utilising legal advice and raising public awareness in the media.

Aitken Partners is assisting several community interest groups to find their voice.

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