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Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project

Compulsory Acquisition: 23 March 2019

In late March 2013, Coliban Water issued a media release which stated that they had been given final approval to proceed with the Harcourt Rural Modernisation Project. The Project plans to replace the existing channel system with a network of pipes through a high pressurised pipeline in the Harcourt area.

In fact, Coliban Water issued Notices of Intention to Acquire residents' land in July 2012 and acquired the land in early-January when the Notices of Acquisition were gazetted.

If you are an affected landowner it is important that you obtain legal and valuation advice from experts that are familiar with land compensation and the compulsory acquisition process. The Land Acquisition and Compensation Act 1986, which governs the compulsory acquisition process, entitles you to the necessary legal and valuation costs. 

We currently act for a large number of residents in the Harcourt/Castlemaine region and understand the challenges they face as a result of the easement acquisitions. As a firm that acts solely for claimants throughout Australia, we care about protecting your rights, not just in relation to the acquisition process, but well into the future.  

If you are an affected landowner and you have not consulted a legal expert familiar with the compulsory acquisition process, contact our Property Disputes & Compulsory Acquisitions team today to discuss your property. We want to make sure everybody is protected.

Click here for the Coliban Water media release -

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